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2017 Year End Review with Juan Sanchez



Juan and Amon


Twenty-Seventeen is clearly a wrap, good people, so I met up with Juan Sanchez to do a Year-End Review. Recorded on the steps that head toward Tudor City. Juan and I talk about the the loss of Combat Jack also known as Reggie Joseph Ossé, what we’ve learned over the past year, favorite New York Said episodes, we geek out over cigars, talk new podcasts, docs and music.

I really enjoyed this talk. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment on the Apple Podcast app and don’t forget to rate the show.

Just a heads this episode has some strong language that may not be suitable for children. You been warned, enjoy the show.

Show Notes

  1. 10 Crack Commandments
  2. Combat Jack – Inspiration – Rest In Power & Paradise  
  3. The Metta World Peace Episode
  4. The Nipsey Hussle and Karen Civil Episode 
  5. The DJ D-Nice Episode
  6. The Cormega ‘Mega Philosophy’ Episode
  7. The Return Of Redman & Just Blaze
  8. The Return Of Dallas Penn
  9. The Big Daddy Kane Episode
  10. The Scarface Episode
  11. The LL Cool J Episode
  12. Violence Kills: Live by the gun die by the gun
  13. Circuit City
  14. New York Said Episodes Mentioned
  15. Give the Drummer Some Episode 36
  16. Growing Out of the Hood with Dot Episode 46
  17. Jerkface – Chaos from the Ladder Episode 75
  18. Stephen talks Personal Freedom, Finding Wealth and Putting Foot to Action Episode 49
  19. Delano shares his Deciphered Dreams while Cracking Mad Jokes Episode 71
  20. Alex Bershaw talks Tibet, New Gold, Adoption and Shooting with your Heart Episode 67
  21. Cousin Mikey is Done with the Dumb Shit Episode 64
  22. TAKI 183 talks the History of Graffiti Culture, Classic Cars and the Future of Street Art Episode 40
  23. Jamel Shabazz shares his Journey to Documentary Photography Episode 22
  24. New York Said Shuffle
  25. Sacred Money Don’t Make Money
  26. Shining everyday
  27. Why we love Hip Hop- documenting our stories
  28. Drink Champs Podcast
  29. Tudor City NY
  30. Cigars Mentioned
  31. Highclere Castle Cigar
  32. The Tabernacle Cigar
  33. OpusX Angel Share Cigar
  34. CASA Cuba Divine Inspiration Cigar
  35. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Cigar
  36. Carlos Carlito Fuente Jr.
  37. Death of a Legend: Carlos Fuente Sr.
  38. Death of a Master: José Orlando Padrón
  39. Oliva Cigar Patriarch Gilberto Oliva Sr., 86, Dies
  40. The Marathon Clothing – Nipsey Hussle’s Store
  41. Juan Sanchez is a Tobacconist with the famed New York Nat Sherman
  42. Guest Contributors
  43. Scope Art Show – New York– March 9 thru March 11, 2018
  44. Preserving the Integrity
  45. Style Wars– Graffiti Documentary from 1983- (FULL Movie) 
  46. Yonkers, NY
  47. The Impossible Challenge- Listen to any episode and not find a gem in the New York Said Podcast. We dare you:
  48. Voilà Track – N.E.R.D., Gucci Mane & Wale
  49. It is all about the long game
  50. Accountability
  51. Podcasts Mentioned
  52. Mike Tyson: Bite the Mic with Peter Rosenberg
  53. How I Built This with Guy Raz
  54. Ear Hustle 
  55. Radiolab
  56. Complex
  57. A Waste of Time
  58. The Defiant Ones – HBO Series
  59. Jay-Z and Dean Baquet, in Conversation
  60. 4:44 Album
  61. April Walker – Walker Wear Designer
  62. Karl Kani Designer
  63. MoMa Museum
  64. Naughty by Nature
  65. N.E.R.D. Album review
  66. Pressure Album by Jeezy
  68. Okay Player

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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