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Stephen talks Personal Freedom, Finding Wealth and Putting Foot to Action



Stephen R. McFadden


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Today’s guest on the show is Videographer and Content Creator, Stephen R. McFadden.

In this episode we talk about the misconceptions of Mississippi, house parties, street dreaming, getting fired, growing dreads, interning at BET, weird interview questions, personal freedom, finding wealth, putting foot to action and much more.

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Links the the Stuff We Talked About

  1. Canon XL1
  2. Animal Farm
  3. Jackson, Mississippi
  4. Jackson State University
  5. ThunderCats
  6. Jordans
  7. Smurfs
  8. Fraggle Rock 
  9. Jim Henson 
  10. Dark Crystal
  11. Labyrinth
  12. David Bowie
  13. MTV Road Rules
  14. MTV Real World
  15. Kevin Powell
  16. Full Sail University
  17. Walt Disney World
  18. Electric Umbrella 
  19. Wu-Tang
  20. Avirex
  21. Rap City 
  22. Big Tigger
  23. Ludacris
  24. Texas World Television
  25. Producer Lee Harris 
  26. Jackson Heights 
  27. Washington Square Park 
  28. Shakespeare in the Park
  29. Adobe After Effects
  30. StumbleUpon 
  31. Tim Ferris
  32. Combat Jack 
  33. D-Nice Episode 
  34. Oprah
  35. Steve Harvey
  36. Ellen
  37. Insomnia Cookies 
  38. The Alamo Drafthouse
  39. Under the Cherry Moon 
  40. Sign ‘O’ the Times
  41. Alex Sumner 
  42. How To Make A Decent Cup Of Coffee
  43. Lot45

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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1 Comment

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