Sunday Cigar

Welcome to our "Sunday Cigar" category, where we celebrate the timeless pleasure of smoking a fine cigar. There's something special about enjoying a cigar on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's a moment to savor the flavor, aroma, and the company of friends or family. We created this category to share our love for cigars and help you discover new brands, blends, and pairings. In this category, you'll find everything you need to know about cigars, from the history and culture of tobacco to the different types of cigars and how to choose one that suits your taste. We'll also share tips on how to store, cut, and light a cigar properly. Juan and Amon have curated a selection of the best cigars on the market, from classic Cuban brands to boutique blends from emerging producers. We'll also provide recommendations on the best accessories, such as humidors, cutters, and lighters, to enhance your cigar smoking experience. But smoking a cigar is not just about the cigar itself. It's also about the ritual, the atmosphere, and the company. That's why we'll also share ideas on how to create the perfect setting for a Sunday cigar, whether it's a backyard BBQ, a golf course, or a cozy living room. We believe that smoking a cigar is a celebration of life's simple pleasures, and we hope that this category will inspire you to slow down, relax, and enjoy a moment of indulgence. So, sit back, light up your favorite cigar, and let's toast to the good life!

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