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TAKI 183 talks the History of Graffiti Culture, Classic Cars and the Future of Street Art




This episode is very special to me. It’s not often I get to converse with a innovator, a pioneer or a living legend in anything let alone graffiti culture. Today’s guest on the show is TAKI 183.


Before recording a single episode of this podcast I made list of people I would love to have on the show. I threw Taki’s name on there under the dream big column. I wrote it not ever thinking it was a real possibility but here we are lol. That write it down and manifest it stuff I’ve always heard about does have a lot of merit to it, so I’m learning.

TAKI 183 was gracious enough to give me a few hours of his time to talk in-depth about his creative journey at the Auto Body Shop he owns out Yonkers. That being said, it was toward the end of the work day so we had to stop and start depending on if someone in the garage or a client needed to pull him away for a second.

I put a sound effect in between clips to give you an idea of when I had to stop the tape.

This episode was recorded in the waiting area of the garage… So just like when I’m deep in the city, it has it’s own sounds; like refrigerator humming, beeps, doors slamming, car lifts, wheels getting changed, sirens and of course, a healthy amount of welcomed disturbances from folks in the neighborhood.

I could totally edit this stuff out but to me, its all apart of the New York Said audio experience.

Enough with the intro, please enjoy.

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Links to the Stuff they Talked About

  1. The Words: A Graffiti Glossary 
  2. Stay High 149
  3. Wall Writers: Graffiti in its Innocence
  4. ‘Taki 183’ Spawns Pen Pals – Archived New York Times article
  5. Style Wars
  6. Julio 204
  7. Ford Model T
  8. Street Art NYC
  9. The Neighborhood That Went to War Against Gentrifiers
  10. The case of ‘The Butcher of Tompkins Square Park’
  11. Daniel Rakowitz
  12. El Marko
  13. Keith Haring
  14. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  15. Adam Cost
  16. Kaws
  17. TurtleCaps
  18. RISK
  19. BNE
  20. Street Art vs. Graffiti 
  21. Philly Writer: Cornbread 
  22. Flowers and Dice
  23. Turk 182
  24. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
  25. Malcolm Gladwell
  26. KAWS: Companion at the Parade
  27. KAWS x Air Jordan 4
  28. Dondi
  29. VMAs celebrated Brooklyn with a KAWS-reimagined Moonman

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