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Skye Ferrante talks making a Living in the Art World, Wire Sculptures, Ballet and Put Pocketing



Skye Ferrante

Today’s guest on the show is Skye Ferrante also known as Man of Wire. While visiting Skye’s studio we conversed in-depth about making a living in the art world, put pocketing, coffee, recommended reading and much much more.

Please enjoy.


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The New York Times Article: A Sculptor Reaps the Rewards of Art Deals Brokered in the Bedroom

Links to the Stuff they Talked About

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

Greg Wyatt Sculpture

Impressionist Paintings

Igor-Alban Chevalier – The Black Frog

Feld Ballet

Michael Bennett

Patrick-Earl Barnes

Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Robert Lederman – Street Artists Win 2ND Major Federal Appeals Court Ruling

Oscar Wilde

Chuck Close

Seven Dirty Words – George Carlin 

Jimmy Breslin

Kurt Vonnegut

Fanelli Cafe

Lucky Strike

Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie

Congee Village – Bowery 



Danny Meyer

The Sellout: A Novel by Paul Beatty 

Michel Houellebecq

Submission: A Novel by Michel Houellebecq

The Elementary Particles: A Novel by Michel Houellebecq

The Heart Goes Last: A Novel by Margaret Atwood

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The Arts

The Philosophy of JoDo the Bee



Photo Provided by Jodo
Photography by Raphael Gonzalez


I first started this show with the mission to converse with folks expressing themselves in the street. Over the years I’ve managed to speak to a little bit of everybody in New York but I never lost sight of the original mission.

It took a minute but I tracked down JoDo to recorded an episode but with one caveat, they did not want their voice known so I had to modify it. Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to do an anonymous type of an episode for a few years now and I just recently figured out how to do it.

This episode was recorded back in March right before COVID smashed the city.

See you next week,


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Photo Provided by Jodo

Photo Provided by Jodo


Artist Biography

The JoDo bee is not a biological bee is a “Spiritual Bee” that connects and brings messages to the humans from “The Gods”. JoDo the bee is a communicator – a symbol of the power of psycho-geographical pollination in our environment.

Photo Provided by Jodo

Photo Provided by Jodo

Inspired in part by the artists time working within the Mayan communities in the jungles of Mexico near the ancient ruins of Coba. At Coba, the highest temple Nohoch Mul, was created as a shrine to communicate with the heavens the god of the temple is The Descending God or God of the Bees, that connects heavens and earth, a divine creature represented throughout ancient mythology, symbolic heraldry as seen in the work of Bernini in Vatican City, and most importantly the personal stories in the artist childhood that inspired the works of art.

Photo Provided by Jodo

Photo Provided by Jodo

Like art itself, JoDo searches for the instigation of the viewer to be trigger in thought and ideas. The Bee is the scream of the artist to exist, to be heard, to be inspire and inspire others. Each bee made is not the representation of the same one but it adds to the hive. Since its inception JoDo has created thousands of artworks around the world touching corners of cities like Moscow, St Petersburg, Asilah, Malaga, Cadiz, Ek Balam, Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Miami and of course the center of the experiment and Mecca of Graffiti New York City.

Photo Provided by Jodo

Photo Provided by Jodo

Keep up to Date with JoDo


Up Magazine

Street Art NYC


East Village Today


Show Notes

  • Finding the local art
  • Creating a symbol
  • Observing the bigger picture
  • Vatican City
  • Making an Army
  • It’s a Bee Hive
  • The Communicator
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini
  • Art is Art
  • Performance Piece
  • Geographical Project
  • Lower East Side
  • Nobody Knows You
  • First 12 Bees
  • Family Crest
  • Gods and Humans
  • Hermes
  • Krink
  • Ink on Paper
  • Rules of Graffiti
  • Pops is Getting Up
  • Being Invisible
  • The Bee in Russia
  • Existentialist
  • Creator and Thinker
  • The Intention is Artistic
Photo Provided by Jodo

Photo Provided by Jodo


“JoDo the bee is a communicator – a symbol of the power of repetition. Every time the artist goes out and paints, it’s like a performance, a ritual intention that manifests into wings and eyes. Graffiti artists are the ones who wonder and wander by night, scrawling their symbols on the city walls.” – T.K. Mills


Photo Provided by Jodo

Photo Provided by Jodo

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The Arts

RAE BK on the Process of Creating Art, Film and Life Changing Experiences



Photography Courtesy of RAE BK

It took a little minute but we finally caught up with RAE BK. In this episode RAE BK talks process, art, film, sculptures, cartoons, Beyond Vaudeville and life changing experiences.



Show Notes

  • The Legend DJ Kool Herc alongside the first MC – Coke La Rock
  • 130 Allen Street
  • Surprising people
  • Handball
  • Live streaming
  • DJ Chuck Chillout
  • Cazal Glasses
  • New York characters
  • People in the bar next door
  • Experience it
  • Train set
  • Ralph McDaniels
  • Coney Island Freakshow
  • 2014 Visit to Ethiopia
  • Creating jobs for years.
  • Courtesy – East 5th Street – Stand on the Word – Larry Levan The Joubert Singers

Keep up to Date with RAE BK

@rae_bk – Instagram



It’s been said that humor is a good way to deliver a serious message.



What is it to be born in a state of flux? Spending your days dreaming of an escape, only to realize there might not actually be one. The seven minute short film, “Chrysalis”, maps the journey and evolution of one such creature, a plastic-litter progeny of RAE, sprung from his current reincarnation amidst the debris of a city barren of its accustomed bustle. Our character is instinctively propelled to find a greener world, one of meditative solitude where he can continue to evolve into his higher-self. But what is the end game?

Set between the cobblestoned archways of New York City, and the verdant greens of the great-elsewhere forests, “Chrysalis” looks at the circular nature of development and the search for acceptance of our truest forms. One “Thanks, Come Again” at a time.

Are there just some things that you keep to yourself – That you can’t tell no one not even yourself?


“CELLBOUND” (2020)


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The Arts

Solving for X with The Mazeking



The Mazeking




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In this episode The Mazeking and Amon talk meditation, Marcel Duchamp, Buddhism, film, physics, the big bang theory, being bullied, the process of living and the purpose of art.


More About The Mazeking


Official Website

Saatchi Art


American artist The Mazeking 飛龍 (Gabriel Asoka) is known for creating colorful, bold, and provocative artworks. He officially began making art in 1998 and started painting, creating various works, ranging from oil on canvas to acrylic on paper. The majority of his work is done in themed series, sometimes taking months or even a year to complete.

In 2002, Asoka had his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at the O’Melveny Gallery. His love of life, and passion for exploration springs forth in his works of art. His works are about the Unseen (esoteric), Balance (duality), and Energy; what Asoka calls the “three keys”. When asked about his subject matter “I have always been deeply drawn to the esoteric (spirit), science and philosophy. Which are all, one and the same to me”. Inspired by everything from daily encounters to dreams, he explores various themes, including consciousness, sexuality, and the mystical, offering us a richer and more engaging perspective.

Asoka utilizes colors, contrast and forms as symbols. “I’ve used symbols in almost all my work, sometimes it’s just the color of something, or a shape or form, to represent an aspect of something, states of mind or experiences. It’s something that arose in my life and work over time and became part of my process”. Asoka places no labels or categories upon his work. He does not see art in classifications or categories, such as abstract or representational, stating “Everything is abstract in a way and representational in another way, it’s all perception”.

Over the years, his artworks have been collected by private collectors and can be seen in exhibitions around the world. The Mazeking currently lives and works in New York City.


Happiness Here Street Art 64NYC

Art by Artist The Mazeking, Happiness Here Street Art.

Show Notes

The Formula Painting

The Formula Painting by Artist The Mazeking

Fashion Maze Carine Roitfeld

Fashion Maze Carine Roitfeld by Artist The Mazeking


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