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John “Crash” Matos talks Graffiti, Message, Medium and a Responsibility to History



John Crash Matos
Photography by Amon Focus


Ten days into the new year and we’ve decided drop a new episode for you, beautiful people. Today’s guest on the show is John “Crash” Matos.  Do you live in this world? Do you have sight? Yes? Then I would bet a decent amount of paper that you’ve seen this man’s work.



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In this episode Crash and Amon talk about early anime, comics, Style Wars, the adventures of painting trains, shenanigans with Keith Haring, various types of spray paint, spray paints caps and our responsibly to telling the history of graffiti correctly.



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Let the record show that is conversation wouldn’t have happened without the help of our good friends at the JoAnne Artman Gallery. We are sincerely grateful for their help but we also highly recommend you visit their gallery out in Chelsea. Whenever we art walk, we always stop in to see what’s up. Location: 511A West 22nd St., New York, NY 10011

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Show Notes

  1. JoAnn Artman Gallery
  2. ConcreteJungle.”by John “CRASH” Matos
  3. TUMI collaborate with Graffiti Artist John “CRASH” Matos on limited-edition travel collection in 2011
  4. Tumi Tag Bag with graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos
  5. Boogie Down at the Bronx Zoo (YouTube)
  7. Grandmaster Caz
  8. Grandmaster Melle Mel
  9. Scorpio of the Furious Five YouTube
  10. The Bronx
  11. Don’t sleep on the Bonx here are few notable movies filmed in the Bronx: The Warriors, The Godfather, Green Book, Rubble Kings
  12. There was no Hip Hop
  13. 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time – Rolling Stone
  14. We listened to everything
  15. Salsa
  16. Led Zeppelin
  17. Led Zeppelin YouTube
  18. Thelonious Monk
  19. The demons and obsessions of jazz genius Thelonious Monk by Candace Allen Nov. 6, 2017 The Guardian
  20. Here’s a great documentary on Thelonious Monk: Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser
  21. Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Dream (Full Album) YouTube
  22. Earth, Wind & Fire
  23. Earth, Wind & Fire – September (Official Music Video) YouTube
  24. Disco
  25. Boogie Nights by Lisa Robinson, February 2010 Vanity Fair
  26. Disco Greatest Hits of 1970s – Greatest Oldies Disco 70s – Best Disco Songs
  27. “Music and Graffiti go hand in hand.” Amon Focus
  28. History of Anime
  29. Speed Racer
  30. Speed Racer Full Episodes – Speed Racer Cartoon Full Episodes HD – Speed Racer 3 HoursYouTube
  31. Kimba the White Lion
  32. Kimba The White Lion YouTube
  33. Gigantor
  34. Gigantor YouTube
  35. Marvel Comics
  36. Captain America
  37. Humans
  38. Spider-Man (created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko)
  39. Another quick recommendation, watch the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! (So good)
  40. Fantastic Four
  41. Avengers: Infinity War
  42. Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War – Official Trailer YouTube
  43. Multiverse
  44. The Eye in CRASH’s work.
  45. Robert Williams (artist)
  46. More information on CRASH
  47. Tips From a Maestro of the Spray Can By Jan Ellen Spiegel February 19, 2010 The New York Times
  48. “I zone in.” John “CRASH” Matos
  49. Aeroplane 1 John Matos aka Crash
  50. Pop Art movement
  51. Music is instrumental
  52. Steel Canvases
  53. Art with That Football? Dolphins’ Stadium Vibrant with Color by Curt Anderson, Associated Press
  54. Hard Rock Stadium Unveils New Murals
  55. Ferrari F430 Gets the Art Car Treatment by John “Crash” Matos
  56. “… we paint what poets speak.” John “CRASH” Matos Quote
  57. John “Crash” Matos « Guitars | Robert Kantor Guitars
  58. Custom motorcycle designed by legendary Bronx graffiti artist John ‘Crash’ Matos
  59. “To be played not displayed.” John “CRASH” Matos Quote
  60. Crashocaster
  61. John Mayer with EC Telecaster
  62. I.O.U. $5
  63. John Ahearn (artist)
  64. The Mudd Club and “Beyond Words”
  65. The Mudd Club
  66. Keith Haring
  67. 35 Years After Fashion Moda, a Bronx Gallery Revisits the Landmark Space by Tiernan MorganAugust 6, 2015
  68. Don’t Forget Fashion 时装 Moda МОДА Emily Colucci July 22, 2011
  69. Jane Dickson (artist)
  70. Charlie Ahearn (artist)
  71. Wild Style (movie)
  72. Wild Style – Trailer YouTube
  73. Fab 5 Freddy
  74. Julia Gruen
  75. Graffiti Artist Success for America
  76. The 5 and the 2 train
  77. The 6 trains
  78. Hunts Point, Bronx
  79. Broadway Line
  80. We had keys.
  81. Almost electrocuted and almost hit.
  82. “The paint changed the game.” John “CRASH” Matos Quote
  83. Rust-Oleum
  84. Krylon
  85. Red Devil, Inc.
  86. F. W. Woolworth Company
  87. Martin Paint
  88. Floral paint
  89. Lee Quiñones
  90. Montana
  91. Molotow Belton Spray Paint
  92. Marabu Buntlack Spray Paints
  93. Fat cap- go fast line is sharper and thinner
  94. Skinny cap
  95. Niagra Cap
  96. There is more to this…
  97. Dondi (Artist)
  98. Chris Daze Ellis
  99. Futura (artist)
  100. Lady Pink (artist)
  101. Zephyr (artist)
  102. HAZE aka SE3 (artist)
  103. TAKI 183 talks the History of Graffiti Culture, Classic Cars and the Future of Street Art
  104. Cornbread (artist)
  105. Roy Lichtenstein (artist)
  106. Andy Warhol (artist)
  107. The more you see my name, the more fame I have.
  108. Style Wars (movie/documentary)
  109. Style Wars (1983) (whole movie)
  110. Free base
  111. New Jack City (movie)
  112. Last train in 1981
  113. Cey Adams (artist) Cey Adams talks Def Jam, Logos, Album Covers, Giving Back, Paintings and Murals
  114. Wynwood Walls
  115. Bushwick Collective
  116. The Lesson is Responsibility
  117. Telling the Truth
  118. Street Art is Bubble
  119. KAWS – it appears you owe CRASH a drawing.



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