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Diego talks Homelessness, K2, Evil Books, Opioids, Crack and Heroin





Today’s guest on the show is Diego. In this episode Diego and I talk about homelessness, evil books, opioids, crack, heroin, coffee, and the misconceptions of being homeless.

The other day I was walking to Washington Square Park looking to meet some content creators but they weren’t there. There was schedule mix up because Instagram’s algorithm gave me an old post and I thought the meet up was that day, I was wrong.

On my walk back home I ended on Houston Street. As I was walking, I walked past Diego sitting on the corner. He had a sign that read he was homeless as well as a change cup by his feet.

As I turned the corner a little voice popped into my head and told me to invite Diego on the podcast. After a bit of persuasion, he was down for the recording and even offered me a piece of cardboard to sit on.

I sat down

About halfway through the conversation he started smoking Spice or K2 or Synthetic Weed. He offered me some by I was good on that experience. No judgement, just not about that life.

Links the the Stuff We Talked About

  1. Thomas Jefferson Houses Tenant
  2. KRS-One
  3. Funky Four Plus One
  4. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – Genius Rap
  5. Big Daddy Kane 
  6. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
  7. Afrika Bambaataa
  8. TAKI 183
  9. TATS Cru
  10. Banksy
  11. David Choe
  12. Bowery Wall 
  13. Opioids
  14. Methamphetamines
  15. Crack Cocaine
  16. Heroin
  17. Methadone
  18. Xanax
  19. Quants
  20. McDonald’s Coffee
  21. Botanica
  22. Book of Dreams
  23. K2 Spice

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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