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Matthew “Levee” Chavez talks how he went Viral with Subway Therapy



Matthew Chavez


Recorded in Union Square Park, one day prior to the Subway Therapy project Anniversary, we chop it up with guest Matthew “Levee” Chavez. We talk about creative projects, going viral, secrets, the importance of skipping ‘why’, how to create luck, crying and NYC wildlife.

Stay Up to Date with Matthew “Levee” Chavez

  1. Instagram: @SubwayTherapy
  2. Website: Subway Therapy
  3. Signs of Hope: Messages From Subway Therapy – by Matthew “Levee” Chavez (book)

The Cliff Notes

  1. Union Square Park
  2. Happy Anniversary Subway Therapy
  3. New York Secret Keeper
  4. “I’m wasted”
  5. Sharing Secrets
  6. Amon’s Secrets
    Favorite Film: All that Jazz
    Never saw Star Wars all the way- Amon Focus
  7. Post-It Notes
  8. Anime
  9. Space Dandy
  10. Center for Supportive Bureaucracy
  11. Dollar Store – The best Dollar Stores in New York City according to Yelp.
  12. Just for Men Touch of Gray
  13. New York Said- The Diego Episode
  14. Brooklyn
  15. Whole Foods
  16. Do you get bags at Whole Foods? (We are judging you.)
  17. Cliff Bars
  18. Reddit
  19. Richard Branson
  20. Hey, if you are listening to this show, we would love if you would write a review? Word of Mouth goes a long way. (Thank You!!!)
  21. South Korea- Seoul
  22. Shout-Out to Adam the Lawyer!
  23. Going Viral
  24. Key to New York Hustle-Being Ready for the Opportunity
  25. Levee’s Advice- “Have your skeleton ready.”
  26. CTV News Clip
  27. International Day of Happiness
  28. Brussels
  29. Casper the Artist
  30. 14th Street/Sixth Avenue (New York City Subway)
  31. New York Said Matches: If you own a bo dega you can get a couple of free boxes. Send an email to
  32. Sweden Festival Malmofestivalen
  33. Post Secret
  34. Humans of New York
  35. Chess in New York
  36. Busking
  37. New York Said Shuffle
  38. Don’t be a Dick.
  39. Matthew Silver – New York Performance Artist
  40. The New York City Animal Mix: (Un)-friendly Squirrels, Rats in broad daylight, & aggressive Pigeons.
  41. The Daily Podcast: What is happening in Myanmar
  42. Fort Greene Park

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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