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Delano shares his Deciphered Dreams while Cracking Mad Jokes



Delano Isaac



Recorded somewhere in the Lower East Side, today’s guest on the show is Delano Isaac. Del is a childhood friend and we reminisced for a spell, or shall I say think back 30+ years ago to keep it on track… just kidding, we cracked mad jokes, talked about bad jobs, deciphered a few dreams and drank a few beers. Basically, we just kicked it.

The Cliff Notes

  1. Biggie Smalls – Ten Crack Commandments
  2. Lakers
  3. New York Said Matches- If you own a bodega you can get a couple boxes. Send an email to
  4. Def Jam Comedy
  5. BBD – Bell Biv DeVoe
  6. B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)?
  7. The Dozens
  8. SNAPS
  9. Penny Candy
  10. Crazy Eddie
  11. What does the PS stand for in a public school name in New York?
  12. Eastside High School in Lean on Me (Movie)
  13. Juice (Movie)
  14. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
  15. Dawn Soap
  16. Gerald Levert
  17. New York Said Shuffle T-Shirts Are Available for Purchase
  18. Steve Harvey
  19. Speech of Arrested Development
  20. Everyday People by Arrested Development
  21. Loosie
  22. Rohan Marley
  23. Cabbage Patch (Dance)
  24. The Whop (Dance)
  25. The Lord’s Prayer
  26. The Friendship Factor (Book)
  27. Pride Comes Before a Fall
  28. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255
  29. Coney Island
  30. Queens
  31. Brooklyn
  32. Behold A Pale Horse (Book)
  33. The Isis Papers (Book)
  34. Iceberg Slimm (Author)
  35. Animal Farm (Book)
  36. Lord of the Flies (1990 Movie)
  37. Coffee is for Closers (Glengarry Glen Ross Movie)
  38. Summer Youth Employment Program
  39. Jay Z : The Story of O.J. (Track from 4:44) 
  40. 4:44 (album)
  41. Beeper
  42. Pensive (Definition)

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