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2019 Year End Wrap Up



Photography by McFadden Creative

Happy Holidays good people, you know what time it is…



It’s time for the Year End Wrap Up! This is the year end episode where Juan and Amon recap the progress of New York Said. This year we talk about the roll-out of Sunday Cigar, highlight episodes that stood out as well music and books that moved us.

See you next year!

The Tunes Amon was Vibing on All Year



Show Notes

  1. Rocky Patel A.L.R.
  2. Rocky Patel – The Edge Collection
  3. La Flor Dominicana
  4. St. Mark Coffee Spot
  5. Year of Adjustment 
  6. Year of Change
  7. Yarnell Hill Fire
  8. Pray On It
  9. Don’t Be Lazy, Cook
  10. Navigating the city
  11. Shout out to Steve
  12. Pacing
  13. Take Your Time
  14. Timothy Roquemore
  15. Making an offer to the Cigar Culture
  16. Cigar Beetles
  17. Alex Harsley
  18. Martha Cooper
  19. Thanks for the SEO boost
  20. MoMA
  21. Whitney
  22. Muhammad Ali
  23. Toast the Foot
  24. Jay Maisel
  25. Davidoff Yamasa
  26. Bucket List Moment
  27. Delilah
  28. Valleys and Peaks
  29. Wearing a lot of Hats
  30. Building an Empire
  31. It’s Not About Deadlines, It’s About Getting it Done Right 
  32. Lady Pink
  33. Carlo McCormick
  34. Armen Djerrahian
  35. Rame Loves Life
  36. Carl Clay
  37. Local Legends
  38. Rocky Patel Grand Reserve
  39. You Can’t Leave Life Alive
  40. Miles Davis
  41. To Preserve and Honor
  42. Killer Kev
  43. The Greatest By: Muhammad Ali, Richard Durham 
  44. The Way I Heard It By: Mike Rowe
  45. Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem By: Daniel R. Day
  46. My Infamous Life – The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy
  47. Hurricanes – A Memoir By: Rick Ross, Neil Martinez-Belkin
  48. Godfather of Harlem
  49. Growing Up: Malcolm Little to “Detroit Red,” 1925–45
  50. Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking
  51. Inside Fugees’ The Score, 20 Years Later
  52. Tall Black Guy
  53. Queen and Slim Score
  54. Curren$y
  55. Berner x Curren$y ft. Kokane & G Perico
  56. Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs Album by Saint Jhn
  57. Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle
  58. Tiger Hood
  59. Keep a Tight Ash


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