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Timothy Roquemore talks Street Culture, Building a Brand, Luxury Sneakers and Ralph Lauren



timothy roquemore
Photography by Amon Focus

Live from Tompkins Square Park today’s guest on the show is Timothy Roquemore. Timothy and I talk about building a brand, design, product development, street culture and visual merchandising. We also converse in-depth about his luxury sneaker company, Ralph Lauren and Loro Piana.



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The Cliff Notes

  1. Tompkins Square Park
  2. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  3. Fashion Institute
  4. Jeffrey Wright
  5. Julian Schanbel’s ‘Basquiat’
  6. The 44
  7. Zoned for Livestock
  8. Sombreros and the Texas Heat
  9. Great Sense of Community
  10. Walking Straight Down a Crooked Road
  11. Have Options
  12. Design and Exploring
  13. Taking Prided in your Overall Personal Appearance
  14. GQ & Esquire
  15. Perry Ellis
  16. Ralph Lauren
  17. The True Calling
  18. Knowing Ones Self is Paramount
  19. Old Soul
  20. Get Still and Get Unto Yourself
  21. An Amongst but Apart Mentality
  22. Circumventing the Isms
  23. Listening to Understand
  24. Not Hearing to Refute or Offer an Opinion
  25. Cross Colours 
  26. Karl Kani
  27. Willi Smith
  28. Dapper Dan
  29. Walker Wear
  30. The Mighty Shirt Kings
  31. Rap Masters Magazine
  32. Word Up! Magazine 
  33. Style • With Elsa Klensch • 1993-95
  34. Ralph Lauren: The Man Behind the Mystique
  35. Phat Farm
  36. Marc Ecko
  37. FUBU
  38. Daymond John
  39. Keith Perrin
  40. J. Alexander Martin
  41. Carl Brown
  42. Street Culture
  43. Everything Comes from the Street
  44. Tommy Hillfiger
  45. Gucci
  46. Move a Way to Make a Way
  47. Buckle Down and Go For It
  48. Parsons New York
  49. Pattern Making
  50. Designers & Artists
  51. The Architect and the Structural Engineer
  52. Industrial Juki Sewing Machines
  53. Rhinelander Mansion
  54. Color, Space and Balance
  55. The Silent Sellers
  56. 2 Suits and Some Tie Combinations
  57. Retail Sales Strategies
  58. Being a Human with Humanity
  59. Don’t Recycle Negative Energy
  60. The Importance of Relationships
  61. Taking Self Inventory
  62. Interpreting and Executing the Vision
  63. Lifestyle and Commodities
  64. Loro Piana
  65. Study The Greats
  66. Make Yourself Hot First
  67. The Business of being Independent
  68. Inspired by the Most Classic Sneaker Silhouettes
  69. Diego Della Valle
  70. Finding an Italian Manufacturer
  71. Meeting the Artisans
  72. Gaziano & Girling
  73. Patina
  74. Denim Tells a Story
  75. Triple 5 Soul
  76. Aglit Italy
  77. Talking to the Buyers
  78. Acustom Apparel
  79. Alex Sumner 
  80. The Fear of Complacency
  81. Staying True to your Brand’s Sensibility
  82. Deliver on Time and Have Great Customer Service
  83. Followers Don’t Equal Dollars
  84. Walk It Like Your Talk It
  85. Take your Happiness Serious
  86. My Success is Not Depended on Your Failure
  87. When You Ask For Help, Be Prepared to Be Helped
  88. Speak Like a Child by Herbie Handcock

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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