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Bob Mankoff of Esquire share his experiences at The New Yorker and being a Cartoonist



Today’s guest on the show is Esquire’s Cartoon and Humor Editor, Bob Mankoff.


I had the opportunity to visit Bob at the Esquire offices and we had a serious conversation about humor. I mean we really had a lot of fun just breaking it down into little tiny philosophical and theoretical morsels and then putting it back together again.

We also talked about his position at Esquire, augmenting human creativity, two cool cats, the balls to be funny, submitting cartoons, intense logic studies and much much more.

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The Cliff Notes

  1. The New Ways – Esquire
  2. The Old Ways – The New Yorker
  3. David Remnick
  4. Drew Dernavich
  5. Paul Noth
  6. Bob Eckstein
  7. Ben Schwartz
  8. Matt Diffy 
  9. Will McPhail
  10. More Longform
  11. Everything has to be Interesting
  12. The Mix of Stand-Up Comedy & Information
  13. Presenting Yourself to the World
  14. Blossoming the Seeds to Who Your Wanna Be
  15. TV Show: Fame
  16. The High School of Music & Art
  17. “Professor” Irwin Corey
  18. Double Talking the Teacher
  19. That Guy Joel Olsteen 
  20. Drawing on the Verbal Engine
  21. Almost Like a Scat
  22. Jewish Culture
  23. Kutsher’s Hotel and Country Club
  24. Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel
  25. Concord Resort Hotel
  26. Jackie Mason
  27. Buddy Hackett
  28. Rodney Dangerfield
  29. Funny Families
  30. Intense Logic Studies
  31. Woody Allen 
  32. The Balls to be Funny
  33. Submitting Cartoons
  34. What comes first the illustration or the caption?
  35. Images Lead to Images and Words Lead to Words
  36. Types of Focus
  37. Creativity is Difficult
  38. We’re Not Algorithms
  39. We Choose to Laugh
  40. Take Me To My Room
  41. Lenny Bruce
  42. Mort Sahl
  43. George Carlin
  44. Richard Pryor
  45. Chitlin’ Circuit
  46. Belle Barth
  47. They Take Their Ideology So Seriously
  48. That’s Not Funny
  49. Everybody Lies to Themselves
  50. Strong Opinion, Strong Vested Interest
  51. The Flat Earth People
  52. Kyrie Irving 
  53. B.O.B
  54. Skeptical of the Amazing Edifice
  55. The Right Amount of Wrong
  56. Making Jokes of things that Don’t Work Out
  57. Ridiculous but not Tragic
  58. The A.I.
  59. Jamie Brew
  60. ClickHole
  61. Augmenting Human Creativity
  62. Slack
  63. Writing in the Voice of Musicians
  64. Two Cool Cats
  65. Gettin’ It Right
  66. Humor and Communications
  67. Andy Borowitz
  68. Pay It Forward

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Bob Mankoff, Esquire’s Cartoon and Humor Editor. Check out the September issue of Esquire, hitting newsstands August 15.

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