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Tyler Kristian talks Music, Anxiety, Fitness and More



tyler kristrian

Tyler Kristian talks Music, Anxiety, Fitness and More

The Cliff Notes

  1. Sex that Equates to a High
  2. A Real Sexual Dude
  3. The Sun is Always Shining Kinda Kid
  4. ESPN – The Barbershop
  5. Hit People Hard as Fuck
  6. Sack City Wit It
  7. Getting Bullied
  8. Enough is Enough
  9. Body Transformation
  10. Rocked Up
  11. Punched in the Face a Few Times
  12. Atlantic Star
  13. Sharon Bryant
  14. Taking it in House
  15. Rick Gallwey
  16. Don’t Bet on the Lottery
  17. Personal Training
  18. Meet People Where they Are
  19. The Teetering of Dedication
  20. Keeping the Purpose in the Forefront
  21. Health Coach
  22. What’s the key to losing fucking weight?!
  23. Trial & Error on Professionals
  24. Cheat Code
  25. Like Dylan
  26. Reading and Asking
  27. Oxymorrons
  28. Cooking for the Sake of Cooking
  29. Mad Cliche
  30. Netic
  31. Question Everything to No Extent
  32. Suppression of Critical Thinking
  33. Anxiety Attacks
  34. Experimented
  35. Smoking White Widow
  36. Table for Three
  37. Depersonalization Disorder
  38. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  39. Be a Sense of Grounding
  40. Photography of Tyler provided by Dirty Souf Yankee™

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