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Netic talks Karma, Vision Quests and Reincarnation





Amon welcomes Netic Rebel to the show. They talk about Karma & Reincarnation, Mind Modes & Thought Processes, Consciousness, Picking Your Family, Power To Manifest, Rebelliousness, Parental Influences, Athletic Training, Education, The Importance of Critical Thinking and the Capacity of Desire, The Dangerous Minds Bus, Dynamic Consciousness, Self-Discipline, Absence of Evidence, Virtual Reality, Malcolm X, Vision Quest, Jay Z and Good Reads.

New York Neighborhoods

Lower East Side (LES)
South Bronx (SoBro)

The Alchemist
The Witch of Portobello
The Seventh Son
The Book of Children: Supporting the Freedom and Intelligence of a New Generation (Foundations of a New Humanity)
Osho Love, Freedom, Aloness
The Book of Women
I Am That
The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Autobiography of A Yogi

Musical Mentions
Jay Z
Jay Electronica

Connect with Netic Rebel

Twitter: @Netic
Instagram: @Netic

Netic’s Podcast: This Message Will Self Destruct Podcast

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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1 Comment

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