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Stephen Gross talks Prints, Rock Climbing and Commercial Photography



stephen gross

Stephen Gross talks Print Making, Rock Climbing, Commercial Photography, Opening a Studio, Social Capital and the Epson 9600.


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The Cliff Notes

  1. Brooklyn Boulder
  2. Doctor Strange
  3. Inception Exponential
  4. The Big Meat Suit
  5. The Matrix
  6. Terrible Athlete
  7. Macro Photography
  8. Legos
  9. Batman would Die
  10. Every Answered Question Reveals a Bigger Mystery
  11. Encyclopedia Britannica
  12. Joy Division Records
  13. Made by Factor Records
  14. The Clash
  15. CBGB
  16. Clash at Bond’s Casino
  17. School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  18. The Best Parts of Art School
  19. Social Capital
  20. Commercial Photography
  21. Opened a Studio
  22. Trial by Fire
  23. Ad Agency Jobs
  24. Setting the Course
  25. Hot and Cold Business
  26. 100 Photographers Shooting the same Thing
  27. Epson 9600
  28. Matt, Gloss and Luster
  29. Rag Papers
  30. Rice Papers
  31. Polaroid Transfers
  32. The Ratio of Hustle
  33. Grow the Business
  34. Smith Rock, Oregon
  35. Crater Lake
  36. Cannon Beach

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