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A Better Day A Better Night with Comfort Crusade



Greg Graham


Today’s guest on the show is Greg Graham also known as Comfort Crusade. In this episode we talk about traveling the world, thinking about dying, taking chances, making God laugh, the art of cultivating relationships, staying curious, performing social alchemy and the Comfort Crusade sound.

Definitely keep listening when the interview is over to listened to Day & Night (Comfort Crusade 312 Remix).

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Show Notes

  1. A Better Day a Better Night by Comfort Crusade on Spotify-New Album
  2. Apple Music Preview of A Better Day a Better Night
  3. Instagram @comfortcrusade
  4. Twitter @comfortcrusade
  5. Soundcloud
  6. Mixcloud
  7. Drink Lounge in Brooklyn
  8. A Better Day, A Better Night Comfort Crusade’s New Album
  9. The Standard Hotels
  10. Winter Music Conference
  11. Caipirinhas
  12. The Comfy Experience
  13. CK 1 Ad
  14. Kanye West – Stronger  YouTube Video
  15. SLS Hotel
  16. Electronic Lounge Artists
  17. Chill-out music
  18. Hip Hop
  19. House
  20. Chicago Soul
  21. Detroit
  22. Toronto, Canada
  23. Toronto is smaller than New York…just and FYI
  24. New York Said Shuffle – Amon’s creation
  25. Peoples Improv Theatre New York (The PIT)
  26. Making the news
  27. Yelling on the subway.
  28. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  29. Central Park
  30. Dumbo, Brooklyn
  31. Public Art Fund
  32. VIBE
  33. Avenues of the Americas aka Sixth Avenue (Don’t say Avenue of the Americas to a real New Yorker, they tend to get a little mad. J)
  34. Inappropriate Laughter
  35. Books on Networking
  36. Skinny Dipping & Tactical Evasion & being a Beach Snob
  37. Cussing
  38. Comedy Open Mics
  39. Just showing up
  40. The North Pole
  41. Antarctica
  42. Stephen has a New York Said Podcast Episode
  43. Tyler has a New York Said Episode
  44. Is God Dead?
  45. A ceiling on happiness?
  46. Rich in relationships, fortunate experiences.
  47. The Usual Suspects Movie
  48. The Usual Suspects Movie Trailer
  49. CNET
  50. Biggest Mistake in Networking?
  51. Code Switching
  52. The Goal Is Understanding
  53. The shared vision & the supported vision
  54. “…you are not the best at everything that is needed to make your idea become the best…”  Comfort Crusade Quote
  55. Loving
  56. Auxiliary Dreams
  57. Stay Curious
  58. Being safe
  59. Stranger Danger and Uber
  60. Start local (really good advice)
  61. The most important lesson is about energy…the Golden Rule.
  62. The Great Adventures of Sir Spaz B – New York Said Episode
  63. Social Alchemy
  64. Check yourself

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This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sue thompson

    July 23, 2019 at 7:50 am

    What a wonderful show. The future. The change from the fear

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