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The Great Adventures of Sir Spaz B



Photography by Amon Focus


Sir Spaz B and I bumped heads in Midtown over a CD offer. I declined, we talked for a few and it only made sense to invite him on the show. He tried to do the show on another day but I declined the offer and applied the pressure. Spaz buckled and graced New York Said with his time, energy, philosophy, wisdom and bunch of great stories. In this episode we talk about hustle, vision, stealing a car, him being a rebel, food vendors, robberies and his music.

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The Links Sir Spaz B Talks About

  1. 2Honest:
  2. Fred From R.I.S.C:

Show Notes

  1. Sir Spaz B aka Never Sober Spaz B
  2. In the CD game
  3. Soundcloud link
  4. Very Intrigued in this podcast ish
  5. Dropping verses
  6. Brooklyn, NY
  7. Elizabeth, NJ
  8. Six Flags, South Jersey
  9. Newark, NJ
  10. Arsonal
  11. Video of Arsonal
  12. Tsu Surf Battle rapper
  13. Video of Tsu Surf
  15. Grimey
  16. Southside Jamaica Queens
  17. Shea Butter
  18. Black Soap
  19. The Center
  20. Testing that gangsta
  21. You got beef?
  22. Gang culture
  23. Bloods
  24. Crips
  25. Haitians
  26. Caught up= Bad night
  27. Not the Bud man
  28. Thought he had the pack on him
  29. Hit on a bike
  30. Knives are not intimidating but guns are
  31. SnapChat
  32. They were Just Practicing- Chris Tucker Joke
  33. “I can sell salt to a slug” Spaz Quote
  34. “I can get a chick Chick-fila on a Sunday” Spaz Quote
  35. Doing my 1-2s
  36. “In every mountain I see opportunity” Spaz Quote
  37. “Don’t broad stroke it” Amon Focus
  38. Mr. Robot
  39. Karma
  40. Fighting & selling cds
  41. “I’m a nonviolent pot smoker” Spaz
  42. EXCLUSIVE: De Blasio to tell NYPD to stop arresting New Yorkers for smoking pot in public 
  43. “Rebel to the cause” Spaz
  44. Ankh
  45. Power in words?
  46. I’m a hustler
  47. What makes a good hustler?
  48. How do you survive New York?
  49. “Ain’t no surviving New York” Spaz
  50. I can’t get gas at 12:30am?
  51. Talking that ish into existence.
  52. The long-body 2001 Crown Victoria
  53. White Castle
  54. Ford F150
  55. K turn
  56. “You can only be in trouble once” Amon
  57. Calling the whole government
  58. Don’t Judge Me
  59. 5 bands is $5,000
  60. 2 no’s and 1 yes
  61. “Be thankful for every 24 hours that you breathe, do what you want to do, it takes change to make change.” Spaz Greatest Lesson Thus Far
  62. “Be who you are.” Spaz Quote
  63. Noreaga “What is that the iPhone zero?”
  65. Jack Thriller
  66. “Don’t change your vision.” Spaz Quote
  67. Don’t eat street vendor food
  68. Jesus Walks 12’s
  69. Angela’s Sandwich Shop

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