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We made it, we made it to “Episode One Hundred” of the New York Said podcast. If you think that is something to sneeze at then my best advice is for you try it. It’s not easy but it is very fulfilling.

Today’s guest on the show is Shantell Martin. How cool is that? Very. We had the opportunity to stop by Shantell’s studio at Mana Contemporary to talk about working with Puma, Kendrick Lamar, Tiffany & Co., living in Japan, making her way to New York, starting over, collaborations, finding the signature in her work, style, perseverance, and being nice.

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More about Shantell Martin

  1. Website: https://shantellmartin.art/
  2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shantell_martin/
  3. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/shantellmartin
  4. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shantellmartinartist/
  5. Tumblr: http://shantellmartin.tumblr.com/
  6. Twitter: https://twitter.com/shantell_martin
  7. Drip: https://d.rip/shantell-martin

Show Notes

  2. Tiffany & Co. New Ways of Seeing
  4. Hidden Oras Shantell Martin VJ
  5. Interview with: WBP Labs about Hidden Oras
  6. Digital drawing for a Japanese all women’s dance group called Mujer
  7. VJ in Day
  8. Japan, Tokyo
  9. Kendrick Lamar and Shantell Martin: Live in Miami | American Express Music
  10. Kendrick Lamar And Shantell Martin: Music Meets Art | American Express Music
  11. Faena Art Dome
  12. Miami Art Basel – New York Said 
  13. A Very Fine Line
  14. South East London
  15. You are affected by your environment.
  16. Wasn’t in the Club
  17. Fancy Art School Shantell graduated from with honors Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, England. She graduated with honors in 2003.
  18. History of Anime
  19. Anime
  20. Monster
  21. Monster Anime Trailer – English Dubbed (Episode 1)
  22. .005 Fine Point Pen
  23. Accordion Foldout Book
  24. 27 Diaries
  25. Wave Coloring Book
  26. DJMag
  27. One of the World’s “Top 10 VJs” to Perform at Digital Graffiti-May 7, 2009
  28. She’s drawing, she’s not using mixers
  29. For a little bit of the VJ discussion surrounding visual art & music during 2009
  30. Current Screening On the March – Shantell Martin
  31. The Americans aren’t that bad, they’re actually quite nice. 😉
  32. Yokota Air Base
  33. Multi-colorful Cereals? Fruity Pebbles
  34. American Dollars
  35. On holiday, you’ll love New York
  36. The reality of living in New York versus Visiting
  37. The Social Security Office in NYC
  38. Lining up for the DMV, the IRS, or the Social Security office is not a holiday.
  39. Surviving New York
  40. When You Don’t Think About It because you are struggling to struggle.
  41. MTA Card
  42. How to get around New York
  43. Shantell’s Advice before moving to New York, “Date the city.”
  44. “Luck is the result of hard work and practice over a long period of time and I think it is the same with opportunity.” Shantell Martin Quote
  45. “…You just never stopped.” Shantell Martin Quote
  46. You iterate
  47. “Every brand under the sun wants to collaborate with an artist but they don’t want to bring the responsibility with that to the artist” Shantell Martin Quote
  48. Don’t be afraid to share knowledge and information.
  49. All the Eyes Looking Left Sometimes
  51. “There’s no such thing as mistakes, there is only enjoying the process.” Shantell Martin Quote
  52. “I am a huge proud dyslexic.” Shantell Martin Quote
  53. Dyslexia
  54. Here Now
  55. Walk Talk Make Share
  56. Be More, Do Less
  57. Open Your Door Find Out More
  58. Big Lesson “Be Nice”
  59. Here’s what happened after the interviewA week in the Life – Episode 017 | Nuff Said

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    1. Shantell really gave up the goods in this episode. She was concise, informative and told great stories. Hella inspiring to say the least. Thank you for the Apple Podcasts review too!

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