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A Journey into the Creative Mind of Armen Djerrahian



Armen Djerrahian
Photographer Armen Djerrahian shot by David LS

Armen Djerrahian – Part One



Armen Djerrahian is a photographer, director and creative director. In this  two part conversation, Armen and Amon talk about bodyboarding, BMX, graffiti, B-Boy, Ska, Armenian Genocide and the thought process of capturing iconic photography.

If you’re a budding photographer then you should listen to these episodes twice.

About Armen Djerrahian

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Armen was born and raised in Paris where his passion for films and photography began while he was involved in BMX. Already involved in other urban forms of expressions: break dancing, graffiti and music, Armen took upon himself to religiously document the uprising of this new culture. He built a solid reputation in the music and publishing world as one of the very best photographer of his discipline. Eager to find new perspectives and new means of expression, Armen naturally evolved into a talented director and started to work with up and coming and acclaimed artists of the French music industry.

Looking for new challenges, Armen moved to the US and now works in NYC as photographer and video director. Since his arrival in NYC, Armen was able to create memorable work and showed that his creativity has no boundaries, whether it’s shooting a Vibe magazine cover with Usher or writing and directing a series of beautiful short films for Van Cleef & Arpels and ELLE. His most recent work fortunately attractedsome of the world’s shiniest industry accolades and a nomination for the BET Awards for “Best Video Of the Year”.


Jay Z, shot by Armen Djerrahian


Show Notes



Eminem, shot by Armen Djerrahian


Chain Gang - The Wild Magazine

Chain Gang – The Wild Magazine, shot by Armen Djerrahian


Crazy Legs

Crazy Legs, shot by Armen Djerrahian

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