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Martha Cooper talks Yakuza, Subway Art, China, Graffiti and 1Up Crew



Martha Cooper


Recorded right in midtown at a spot called Grind.NoMad, today’s guest on the show is Martha Cooper. In this episode we talk about the Peace Corps, traveling across Asia, publishing books, capturing the Yakuza, anthropology, street play, photography, National Geographic, the New York Post and documenting graffiti culture as well as street art.

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A Few Photos we Spoke of 

Show Notes

  1. Shanghai, China
  2. Peace Corps
  3. Hippies of the 60’s
  4. “All the pieces fit together…”
  5. Hip Hop
  6. Street Art
  7. Subway Art Book
  8. 50 Publisher Proposals
  9. Henry Chalfant
  10. Hip Hop Files 2004 Book
  11. Germany
  12. Percolating in Europe -Hip hop
  13. “Art Bubble” Amon Focus
  14. Art Basel
  15. Wynwood
  16. Shinola
  17. Tattoo Book took 40 years to publish
  18. Find the ideal time to present your work
  19. Yakuza tattoos
  20. Showing sincere interest
  21. Japan
  22. Peace Corps 1963-1965
  23. John F. Kennedy started Peace Corps
  24. Teaching English in Thailand
  25. Malawi, Africa
  26. English as a second language
  27. Smithsonian
  28. Yale
  29. Anthropology
  30. What advice would you give to surviving NY?
  31. National Geographic
  32. New York Post Editor Susan Welchman
  33. Freelance
  34. Gordon Parks
  35. “Sowebo/Soweto”
  36. Gentrification
  37. Bolt Bus
  38. ‘The Picture Lady’
  39. Hoe Avenue in the Bronx
  40. Habits of the trains
  41. Haiti stories: Kids making Toys
  42. Risk Quotient: keep it low
  43. Follow your Instincts
  44. 1Up Crew in Germany
  45. Cuba
  46. Capturing process
  47. *Kid Jumping over barrels in Central Park
  48. Lower East Side
  49. Riverside Park Snow Fort
  50. B-boying – Breaking Scene in New York
  51. When work takes up too much of your time
  52. 1980 NY Post Story on Breaking
  53. Dance Writer Village Voice with Martha Cooper
  54. Crazy Legs Break Dancer
  55. Rock Steady Group
  56. 12 Once
  57. *Adam Purple Garden
  58. Street Play Book by Martha Cooper
  59. Edwin or “HE3”
  60. You’re not going to make money from your book
  61. Still collecting stickers?
  62. Haven’t seen before, process haven’t seen before.
  63. “I’m trying to get a good picture…”
  64. “Maybe the best pictures might not be thief the best part”
  65. “It’s not just about the artists and the art”
  66. Photographers are a part of the Creative Ecosystem
  67. Atlanta Show “Then & Now”
  68. JR
  69. Bansky
  70. Go with your instincts
  71. Specialties in photography

Keys for Capturing Difficult Stories

  • Be Charming
  • Don’t be too quick to take photos
  • If they don’t want their pictures taken, don’t take them
  • Give back to the community
  • Gain trust
  • It’d a Give and take

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