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Ambient Soundscape of Washington Square Park




What’s up good people. Today’s episode is a little different from normal conversation and interviews I conduct from Tuesday to Tuesday.

But for the last week or I’ve been in Lisbon and Porto Portugal on vacation. So instead of skipping a week or repeating an old episode I decided to share with you an up coming series I’ve been working on as an addition the New York Said – Tuesday talks.

Starting this summer we’ll be adding Ambient New York to the show. For 52 Sundays you’ll be able to listen to various parts of the city in the raw. So far I’ve recorded Times Square, Dumbo, the Staten Island Ferry and the High Line.

Today you’ll be listening to drummers in Washington Square Park. I recorded this on a summer night about a year ago. First thing you’ll hear is a dude playing a sax and then from there I walked over to the drummers.

Enjoy the show.

Thumbnail Photography By Matt Joseph/Wikipedia

Places to Visit Around Washington Square Park



Natural Soundscape of Niagara Falls



Naigara Falls
Photo via Niagara Falls State Park


Not too long ago I visited Niagara Falls State Park.  It was a very cool experience but what truly moved me were the sounds I heard as I walked the campus. Listening to the falls, helicopters, the murmurings of passersby, birds and insects putting my spirit into a state of relaxation.

This orchestration of nature clashing subtle notes of urban presences moved me so much that I thought it would be a cool idea to record these sounds and share them with you.

Episodes like this one are good to play in the background while you relax or right before you head to sleep because there is a good amount of natural white noise in this one.

5 Fun Facts About Niagara Falls

  1. 3,160 tons of water flows over Niagara Falls every second. This accounts for 75,750 gallons of water per second over the American and Bridal Veil Falls and 681,750 gallons per second over the Horseshoe Falls.
  2. The water falls at 32 feet per second over the Falls, hitting the base of the Falls with 280 tons of force at the American and Bridal Veil Falls and 2,509 tons of force at the Horseshoe Falls.
    Niagara Falls is capable of producing over 4 million kilowatts of electricity, which is shared by the United States and Canada.
  3. Four of the five Great Lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Erie) drain into the Niagara River before emptying into Lake Ontario. These five Great Lakes make up almost one-fifth of the world’s fresh water supply.
  4. In November 1896, electrical power was transmitted from the Adams Power Plant in Niagara Falls, New York to Buffalo, New York. This was the first time in the world that alternating current was transmitted over a long distance.
  5. In 1969, an earthen dam was built across the head of the American Rapids, de-watering the American Falls. For six months, geologists and engineers studied the rock face and the effects of erosion. It was determined that it would be too costly to remove rock at the base of the American Falls, and that nature should take its course.

For more fun facts and visitor information visit: Niagara Falls State Park

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Ambient Soundscape of Times Square



Times Square
Photo via Richard BURGER/Flickr

I pray everyone is heathy and safe.

New York is changing, rapidly I might add. I can say Old New York and if you live here, you’d think I was talking about 2019.

For the last 5 years or so I’ve been recording the ambient sounds of New York. It’s been awhile since I put out one these soundscapes. This recording is a few years old. My plan was to amass like 52 of them and release an episode every week. But since things are changing so fast, New York isn’t going to sound like it used to for a very long time.

In this episode I’m sharing the sounds of Time Square. It’s a good listen. For some, it may help even help them sleep.

I just want to say thank you to the folks that are heading over to Apple Podcast to rate the show. Every time someone does that it helps put the show in a better ranking and helps us grow the audience. Your kind words and support are much appreciated, thank you.

Alright boppers, I’m outta here…

Be Safe

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Cold Crush Brothers Live at the 35th Anniversary Wild Style Park Jam



Wild Style


What’s up good people, welcome to the New York Said podcast.

Today you guys are in for a Wild Style treat. I’m going to take you to a Park Jam. I’m talking about a straight up old school hip hop Park Jam.


Show Notes

Let me paint a quick picture.

Dave Chino put the word out that there was going to be a Wild Style 35th Anniversary Reunion at the Amphitheater in East River Park, the Lower East Side. If you’ve never seen the film Wild Style you should, like ASAP. It’ll give you good idea of what a park jam is and I recorded this very episode where they shot the closing scene of that film.

I didn’t know that this was happening until yesterday but I don’t live too far from that park so I just walked over to see what’s up.

Honestly I was hoping I’d bump into Dave Chino to see if I could get an interview but no dice. It was too crowded for that and the chances of me finding anyone was pointless. So I just posted up a few rows from the stage and just took in the vibe.

I had the audio recorder on me so I just started taping stuff.

What I have here for you today is a performance by the Cold Crush Brothers and DJ set by Grand Wizzard Theodore. If you don’t know who these people are, check the show notes to this episode and you’ll find all the info you need

But lemme give you a clue

The Cold Crush Brother are a hip hop group that was form in about 1978. They are especially known for their memorable routines which included rhymes but their harmonies and melodies. This is really foundational stuff here.

Second, DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore invented scratching. Did you hear what I said? You’re about to hear a live hip set with the DJ that invented scratching. He’s also known for his mastery of needle drops.

I didn’t interview these folks but their performances said enough.

So you’re gonna hear the Cold Crush Brothers and right after that Grand Wizzard Theodore does an incredible DJ set.

Shout out to all the folks that were selling nut crackers and ice cold waters and shout out to SummerStage, Charlie Ahearn, Jane Dickson, Patti Astor, Crazy Legs, Martha Cooper, Fab 5 Freddy, Funkmaster Flex and Phade of the Mighty Shirt Kings they were all in the park heavy last night.

Alright ya’ll I’m outta here, enjoy.

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This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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