Washington Square Park

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Washington Square Park


What’s up good people. Today’s episode is a little different from normal conversation and interviews I conduct from Tuesday to Tuesday.

But for the last week or I’ve been in Lisbon and Porto Portugal on vacation. So instead of skipping a week or repeating an old episode I decided to share with you an up coming series I’ve been working on as an addition the New York Said – Tuesday talks.

Starting this summer we’ll be adding Ambient New York to the show. For 52 Sundays you’ll be able to listen to various parts of the city in the raw. So far I’ve recorded Times Square, Dumbo, the Staten Island Ferry and the High Line.

Today you’ll be listening to drummers in Washington Square Park. I recorded this on a summer night about a year ago. First thing you’ll hear is a dude playing a sax and then from there I walked over to the drummers.

Enjoy the show.

Thumbnail Photography By Matt Joseph/Wikipedia

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