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Ambient New York – The Staten Island Ferry



Staten Island Ferry


Today’s episode is not an interview. Today’s is a preview. It’s preview to a series that I’m working on called Sounds of the City. I literally walk around the city with a documentary microphone capturing the pulse, the heartbeat, the music, the voices, the sounds and sirens of a particular area in New York.

In this episode we’ll be listening to the Staten Island Ferry. I’ve been taking the ferry as far back as I can remember. I can remember as a kid, I always wanted to order something from the snack bar on the boat. My mom was always like “Nah, save your money…” I’m 40 years old and I still haven’t done it! I promise you next time of I’m on the ferry I’m getting a soft pretzel or a beer or both.

It’s one thing to commute on the ferry and it’s a whole other experience if you just stop and listen. I walked all around the boat with the microphone for an enhanced experience.


7 Things to do Around the Staten Island Ferry

  1. Ride the Staten Island Ferry uhm, it free!
  2. Visit Battery Park
  3. Check out the Charging Bull sculpture
  4. Walk to the Oculus
  5. Visit The National Museum of the American Indian
  6. Check out the Seaglass Carousel
  7. Check out Castle Clinton in Battery Park

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