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Understanding the Full Spectrum of your Craft with Rasheed Flake



Rasheed Flake

Recorded right in Midtown NYC, today’s guest on the show is Rasheed Flake. In this episode we talk about South Jamaica Queens, drumming in the church, the importance of reading music, Reverend Flake, reality checks and how love goes a long way.

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Show Notes

  1. Recorded at Grind in Midtown, NY
  2. Ohio State Senate 
  3. Morehouse College
  4. Queens, NY
  5. Wilberforce University
  6. Atlanta, Georgia
  7. New York – Atlanta Migration
  8. Fast life to a slower pace
  9. Inspiration from Animal of the Muppets
  10. Practice – you have to start from somewhere.
  11. The importance of reading music.
  12. Understanding the full spectrum of your craft
  13. Omar Hakim 
  14. Dave Weckl
  15. Vinnie Colaiuta  Rolling Stone Article
  16. Guy (Group)
  17. Chris Brown (Performer)
  18. Growing up in the church
  19. Reverend Flake– Dr. Floyd H. Flake
  20. Practice what you preach
  21. New York mentality
  22. Roy Wilkins Recreation Center 
  23. The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York
  24. Howard Beach, Queens
  25. Boston University
  26. Lincoln University
  27. Ms. Mona– Amon’s Mother
  28. Good Comedy
  29. Mr. Commodore (IG Star)
  30. David Khari Webber Chappelle (Comedian)
  31. John Mayer (Singer, Songwriter)
  32. In Living Color (Sketch Comedy Television show)
  33. Fabulous (Rapper)
  34. Bite, Breath, I’m So Into You (tracks mentioned)
  35. Hip Hop
  36. Apache Cafe (Atlanta)
  37. Village Underground
  38. Mist in Harlem
  39. New York History (Gary Dennis Episode 73, New York Said Podcast)
  40. Rumble Kings of Bronx
  41. International way of life
  42. How Long does it take to classified as a New Yorker?
  43. Sensitive times
  44. Bullying
  45. Social media
  46. Gratitude
  47. Dealing with stereotypes
  48. Be yourself
  49. Kindness
  50. Love goes a long way
  51. Penn station rush hour is dangerous
  52. The big bag of ignorance
  53. Reality checks
  54. Be safe
  55. Release grudges
  56. Always show love
  57. Positive vibes
  58. Positive energy

New York Drummers

  1. Joe Smith 
  2. Jeff Davis  
  3. Gerald Heyward 
  4. Nathaniel Townsley 

IG Stars from Queens

  1. downgoes.fraser
  2. renny
  3. theshiggyshow
  4. queenzflip

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This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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