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Andrew talks Bringing a Piano into the Subway, Music Theory and the NYPD



Andrew Kalleen


Live from the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Amon and Andrew Kalleen talk Music Theory, Busking, Playing Piano in the Subway, Welcomed Collaborations, the NYPD and much more.

Thumbnail Photography provided by Winnie Huang

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The Cliff Notes

  1. Getting into Music
  2. Sublime, Bradley Nowell 
  3. New Classical
  4. Bach
  5. Mozart
  6. Beethoven
  7. Chopin
  8. Wurlitzer Piano
  9. Piano in the Subway
  10. Getting Arrested
  11. The Arrest Video
  12. Existentialist Crisis in the Comment Section
  13. Memorable Emails
  14. Playing in her Socks
  15. Performance – Mr. Tambourine Man Live
  16. Helping with the Process
  17. Privileges
  18. Rudeness
  19. Presenting Oneself
  20. For the Love or Money
  21. Assess the Effect
  22. Hauling the Piano
  23. Macro Biotics NYC – Souen 
  24. The Alchemist’s Kitchen
  25. A Really, Really Sad Song
  26. Performance – Song for Zula
  27. The Voice Within
  28. Welcomed Collaborations
  29. Stop and Smell those Expensive New York Flowers

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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