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Amon shares his Journey to New York Said




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Live from the Lower East Side, Amon Focus shares his journey to New York Said: Volume Three as well as answering a bunch of questions from his father.

The Cliff Notes

  1. Intro
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. Dual Citizenship
  4. Salvador Dalí
  5. Oblong Head
  6. Lion King
  7. Flashlight by Parliament
  8. Happy Baby
  9. Man of the House
  10. Take Care of the Boombox
  11. The Wiz
  12. Crazy Eddie
  13. Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn 
  14. Good Foundation
  15. The Hustles
  16. The Barbershop
  17. Firebug
  18. Kept on Talking
  19. Jedi Mind Trick Bad
  20. Kid Logic
  21. It Ain’t Gonna Kill Ya
  22. Premonition
  23. Cliche Options
  24. Mississippi Experiences
  25. Sandwich Artist
  26. Poultry Plant – Wayne Farms
  27. Back to School
  28. That Ain’t It
  29. Coat Pulled
  30. Upstate New York
  31. Switched Programs
  32. The School Upstate
  33. Crossroads
  34. The Growing Process
  35. University of Southern Mississippi
  36. Never Been One to Hold Me Back
  37. The Beginning of your Dream
  38. Start Bad to do Good
  39. Full Sail University
  40. Motion Graphic Animator for MTV2 and Promo Only
  41. Monster Mix
  42. Miles Partnership
  43. Capturing the Florida
  44. Parting in Key West
  45. No Recession in the Hood
  46. Back in Mom’s Spot
  47. Thanks to Justin
  48. Tons and Tons of NYC Freelance Work
  49. Traveling the Country fro Work
  50. The Kickstarter Experience
  51. 30 Days of Kickstarter
  52. Sold Three Books
  53. The Birth of New York Said
  54. Building and Audience
  55. New York Said: Volume One – Sold Out
  56. Providing value to paper and ink
  57. The Launch of New York Said: Volume Three
  58. It’s Not a Graffiti Book
  59. The Project is Growing Up
  60. Follow Your Heart, Keep the Faith and Don’t Quit
  61. Chasing Your Curiosity
  62. Jamel Shabazz
  63. The Danny Episode
  64. It’s Not About Objects
  65. Knowing what a Good Beer Is
  66. Success, Mustard and Cigars
  67. That Foe to Fight
  68. Cuss Contest
  69. What’s Next with New York Said
  70. Earlier Adopters
  71. Thanks for Listening
  72. Pops is Proud of the Kid

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1 Comment

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