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Jerkface: Chaos from the Ladder




Recorded live from an undisclosed location in New York, today’s guest on the show is Jerkface. I would give you an intro to his work and accomplishments but you’re better off just visiting his instagram, search for incarceratedjerkfaces or just jerkface and just scroll through his paintings/murals while you listen.

In this episode Jerkface talks about his excitement for creation, painting, work ethic, cubism, the street life, murals, style, incarceration and the School of Visual Arts.

I really enjoyed this talk. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment on the Apple Podcast app and don’t forget to rate the show.

Just a heads this episode has some strong language that may not be suitable for children. You been warned, enjoy the show.

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Pink in its prime 2014 🐜

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The Show Notes

  1. Michelangelo
  2. You always have the option to change faces.
  3. Everything is a lie. A skewed version of who they are.
  4. Just the work
  5. Street artist find freedom in hiding their identities.
  6. No desire to be famous or recognizable.
  7. Living in the moment keeps you from being static
  8. Excitement for creation
  9. Cartoon
  10. Batman
  11. Spider-Man
  12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  13. Queens, NY
  14. Bloods & Crips
  15. 95-96 Gang
  16. When keeping it real goes wrong.
  17. You can get so trapped into the rules, you can’t get out.
  18. REM DF crew – Artist
  19. Rusto
  20. Krylon
  21. MODE –  Artist
  22. Drip –  Artist
  23. Tron – Artist
  24. Dondi – Artist 
  25. Toy – An inexperienced or incompetent writer. Someone whose writing is either wack, who uses sucker tips, or whose style is just plain cheesy. One old definition of “TOYS” is that it stands for “trouble on your system”
  26. To Piece  – To paint graffiti, creating a piece, not just go out tagging.
  27. The Donut Show by Jerkface  (July 17, 2017)
  28. Managing your anger is a key
  29. “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner Quote
  30. Interested in the Truth
  31. “Life is Figurative.” Jerkface Quote
  32. Energy is the only thing that doesn’t lie.
  33. “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” ― Socrates Quote
  34. The Meat Suit
  35. The World and its Subjective Experience
  36. The art of revision, keep revising until you can’t not find a flaw. Always pushing for perfection.
  37. SVA Manhattan – School of Visual Arts
  38. The Masters of Cubism (Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Fernand Léger)
  39. CBS on Four Cubist Masters
  40. ShirtKings
  41. Buffed
  42. 3 eyed Homer (Homer Jerkson)
  43. Sen2 – Artist
  44. 5Pointz
  45. Zimer – Artist
  46. Exit Through The Gift Shop
  47. Hanksy – Artist
  48. Wizard Skull – Artist 
  49. Ragged – Graffiti Term
  50. Respect Takes Maintenance
  51. Fake Jerk
  52. Wu-Tang Chamber
  53. “Don’t depend on someone else, depend on you.” – Jerkface Quote
  54. Infinite Powers Genie Aladdin
  55. Appropriated Art
  56. Jeff Koons – New Hoover Convertibles, Green, Blue; New Hoover Convertibles, Green, Blue; Doubledecker
  57. What Is Art?
  58. Andy Warhol
  59. Supreme Brick
  60. Sociology
  61. Art of the Steal
  62. The Rules of Jerkface – You must advance the idea
  63. What doesn’t come from something else?
  64. Super Jerkio by Jerkface
  65. Why no eyes?
  66. Wu-Tang Forever Album
  67. When you look for something to be mad about you will find it.
  68. “I get the best part of people.” – Jerkface Quote
  69. “I don’t want to change the world from a loud-speaker, I rather do it one on one.” – Jerkface Quote
  70. Q-Tip
  71. Eyes Wide Shut – Film
  72. Cubism – Art Form
  73. Quantum Theory
  74. Quantum Physics
  75. Love and Care
  76. 4 Seconds of Attention
  77. Wu-Tang Care Bears by Jerkface
  78. KA – The Voodoo Tribe – Artist
  79. Phetus88 – Artist
  80. Comic Con
  81. Popeye by Jerkface
  82. E. Honda
  83. Banksy Does New York
  84. 30 Days of Jerk
  85. Fuel the Empire
  86. Jesse Hazelip
  87. “Never take anything too serious, because none of it is real.” – Jerkface Quote

Shout out to Timothy Roquemore

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