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Laolu Senbanjo on the Sacred Art of the Ori, Yoruba Culture and Painting





This week we are celebrating creativity at Art Basel Miami!

This particular episode was recorded live from SCOPE Miami Beach today’s guest on the show is Laolu Senbanjo aka Laolu NYC. In this episode we talk about Nigeria, his experience as a Human Rights Lawyer, working with Beyonce, Yoruba Culture, Sacred Art of the Ori, collaborations and his TED Talk.

Photography by Niklas Nyman

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Just a heads this episode has some strong language that may not be suitable for children. You been warned, enjoy the show.

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Latest Exhibition
“Everything is my canvas” @redbirdnyc starting this Friday December 15th (409 W 14th St, New York City)

Ted Talk



The Show Notes

  1. Laolu Sendanjo aka Laulu NYC at SCOPE Miami Episode76
  2. Trusting your gut
  3. Reflections of yourself
  4. Everything is my canvas
  5. Nigeria
  6. Born out of survival
  7. Taking the culture
  8. xBeyonce: Meet The Nigerian Artist Behind The Body Art In Beyoncé’s LEMONADE by michelle kim (
  9. Beyonce is a culture pusher
  10. Lemonade Videos
  11. xBvlgari: BVLGARI Man in Black Essence
  12. xNike
  13. The Art of Being
  14. From Attorney to Artist
  15. Human Rights Commission NYC
  16. Goddesshood
  17. Orisha
  18. Yoruba Culture
  19. England
  20. Not tribal art
  21. You didn’t discover anything.
  22. Yoruba people in very different countries
  23. Ife Head
  24. Lost City of Atlantis
  25. The complexities
  26. Pablo Picasso
  27. Mama Africa Song Youtube
  28. Ori means head
  29. Free will, purpose, destiny
  30. Doing art in law books
  31. “In this, I am a God.” Laolu Quote
  32. Reminding you of Obatala
  33. Laolu Senbanjo: “The Sacred Art of the Ori” | TED Talk –
  34. The people around you are very important
  35. SCOPE Miami
  36. David Moria
  37. Redbird Gallery– December 14, 2017

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