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Jahan Nostra speaks on having Faith in Yourself, Hope and Moral Equity



Jahan Nostra

Recorded live from Tomkins Square Park, today’s guess on the show is Jahan Nostra. Jahan talks poverty, what it means to be thorough, having faith in yourself, musical influences, hope and moral equity.

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The Show Notes

  1. Poverty is no joke
  2. Thorough Thorough
  3. Built to Last
  4. Embrace the Rain
  5. Kicked a Verse
  6. Musical Influences
  7. Stevie Wonder
  8. Robert Johnson
  9. Bitches Brew
  10. Sketches of Spain
  11. Peter and the Wolf 
  12. Tupac Shakur
  13. Nas
  14. The Coup
  15. Ras Kass – Soul on Ice
  16. Big L
  17. Tribe Called Quest
  18. Biggie
  19. The Lox
  20. Kamasi Washington – Truth
  21. The Whitney 
  22. Peter Pan
  23. Les Misérables
  24. Hamlet
  25. Hip Hop Junkies
  26. Gang Starr Ft. Nice & Smooth – DWYCK (1994)
  27. Moral Equity
  28. A Real Guy
  29. There is always hope
  30. Faith in Yourself
  31. Loving Yourself
  32. Lewis Howard Latimer
  33. Fredrick Douglas
  34. Home Teaching
  35. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  36. Hate
  37. BBQ and Ice Cream
  38. Roach in the Salad Question
  39. Happy Birthday to Ya
  40. Church Swag
  41. God Body
  42. Freaknik
  43. Greekfest
  44. Spades Game
  45. Spotify
  46. Inshallah Clothing
  47. A3C Festival 
  48. Najee
  49. Heavy D
  50. Diddy
  51. Pete Rock and CL Smooth
  52. Denzel Washington
  53. Cali Green

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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