Growing Out of the Hood with Dot

Dot talks the crack era, shootouts, prison, turning it all around as a small business owner in the Optical Field


Today’s guest on the show Dot.

Dot grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn in the early 80s and I met Dot at his eye wear boutique a few blocks from the Barclays Center. I’ve known him for a few years and I knew he did some time upstate but I didn’t know for what or for how long.

I asked Dot to share his story on the podcast and boy did he ever. Dot is the nicest person you’d ever want to meet (cliche I know) but his story of overcoming himself as well as life’s obstacles just moved the heck out me.

Dot talks about growing out of the hood but not in your stereotypical urban way. He just talks about it. He doesn’t glamorize but he does tell a compelling story.


I’m outta here, enjoy the talk.


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Links to the Stuff they Talked About

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  16. Beanie Sigel – Feel It In The Air
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  19.  The Spirit of a Man: A Vision of Transformation for Black Men and the Women Who Love Them
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