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M. Tony Peralta shares Insight from his Growth as an Artist and Entrepreneur



M. Tony Peralta

Today’s guest on the show is M. Tony Peralta. I hopped a train Uptown to build with Tony about growing up in Washington Heights, his journey as an artist, his growth an entrepreneur, good music, great food and much much more.



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Kenny Vera talks Ecuador, LOOT Lifestyle and Poco a Poco



Kenny Vera


Kenny Vera talks running a small business, launching his LOOT Lifestyle brand, learning new languages and overcoming mistakes.

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Show Notes

Being typed as we speak…
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BlusterOne: The Birth of a PNB Nation, Spirituality and Graffiti




Part 1

Part 2


This episode is brought to you by Peralta Project. Well not officially, I didn’t actually speak to Tony and his team but I’ve love what they’re doing over there. I’m a fan of Tony’s art and of course I love the clothing. Plus he’s been a guest on the show, click here.


Photography by Laurie Markiewicz

When Tony opened up his shop Taller Peralta, he connected with today’s guest to paint the front gate. Today’s guest is James K. Alicea aka BlusterOne. This is going to be a two part episode. In this episode, Bluster and I talk about growing up in the Lower East Side, his early graffiti days, Rakim lyrics, religion, spirituality, the Five Percent Nation and his introduction to Islam.


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Part 2 Show Notes

  1. Islam
  2. Quran
  3. Hadith
  4. Hafiz
  5. Islamic Cultural Center of New York
  6. Charlie Hebdo shooting
  7. How are you trying to grow as a human being?
  8. Christianity
  9. Buddhism
  10. Dogma
  11. The globe is bigger than the books
  12. Nuyorican
  13. Latin communities that are Muslim
  14. Moors
  15. History of Spain
  16. Mecca
  17. Make it to Mecca
  18. Malcolm X Explains His Pilgrimage to Mecca 1964
  19. PNB Nation Part 1 from The Limited Edition Magazine
  20. PNB Nation VIBE Article
  21. The 50 Greatest Streetwear T-Shirts of All Time by Jeff Staples in Complex Nov. 19, 2013 (Just a note tying this all together- Jeff was on the New York Said Podcast too- here’s his episode: Jeff Staple talks Streetwear Ambassador, 20 Years of Staple Design and Reed Space
  22. PNB Logo
  23. Post no bills
  24. Cooper Union
  25. Hardcore into Stamps
  26. Casey Rubber Stamps
  27. Afro-Latin Americans
  28. Afro-Puerto Ricans
  29. Shout out to Chessa
  30. Graffiti Culture
  31. Racking- stealing supplies for graffiti writing
  32. Sullivan County Community College
  33. Writer
  34. Behold the Pale Horse (book) by milton william cooper
  35. The Spook Who Sat By the Door YouTube Full Film
  36. SS3Tony
  37. Kahlil “Zulu” Williams Twitter @sergefc
  38. Yuri Kochiyama (political activist)
  39. Roger “Brue” Mchayle Twitter @Brueroc
  40. Issac “West” Rubinstein
  41. Sung Choi Twitter @sungchoi_
  42. Post No Bills
  43. Free Stylin‘: How Hip Hop Changed the Fashion Industry: How Hip Hop Changed …By elenaromero
  44. Futura (artist)
  45. 48 Laws of Power by robert greene (book)
  46. Hello my name is…
  47. Sean John
  48. FUBU
  49. Rocawear
  50. Phat Farm
  51. Phillies Blunt Street Wear
  52. The 50 Greatest Pop Culture References In Streetwear by Complex
  53. School of Hard Knocks (visual)
  54. School of Hard Knocks Founder
  55. 555 Soul
  56. Union
  57. FUCT
  58. Stussy
  59. Eric Brunetti Book FUCT
  60. West Coast Streetwear
  61. GAT-Gypsies and Thieves streetwear brand
  62. Freshjive Streetwear brand
  63. Tribal Streetwear
  64. D12 Logo for Anger Management Tour
  65. Keds
  66. RockRubber45s Original Poster Art was done by BlusterOne
  67. What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito Podcast
  68. ‘Rock Rubber 45s’ Q&A with Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love New York Said Episode
  69. Respect for the culture
  70. WBAI FM Third World Cypher Radio Show with BlusterOne and Brue
  71. Shabba Ranks – Wicked in a bed – YouTube
  72. Duffed
  73. Lose with the mouth
  74. Quality of Life
  75. We don’t want no smoke
  76. Many an L taken
  77. Cool with those who are cool with me
  78. If I have my headphones in that means don’t ask me
  79. Amon is giving out fives
  80. That was brought to you by the letter…
  81. Most important lesson thus far is to be about your word. BlusterOne
  82. Honesty
  83. Deathstyles vs. Lifestyles
  84. Forward
  85. Fuse Green Episode: Gun Pockets: The Triumphs and Challenges of Fuse Green
  86. Tony Peralta Episode: M. Tony Peralta shares Insight from his Growth as an Artist and Entrepreneur
  87. Leo
  88. Vault of Culture
  89. Arturo Vega shares his Journey to the Ramones and Beyond Episode
  90. TMNK – Art is my Weapon Episode
  91. Lower East Side

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Arts & Culture

Contact High: 40 Years of Hip-Hop Photography with Vikki Tobak



Vikkie Tobak


We’re back in Brooklyn, DUMBO to be exact and this time we are kicking it with Vikki Tobak. Vikki is a journalist, producer and the author of Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop. In this episode we talk about growing up in Detroit, her photography moment, working with Gang Starr, working at Paper Magazine, interviewing Diddy when he was on the come up and her journey to Contact High.

About Vikki

  1. Purchase Contact High: A Visual
    History of Hip-Hop
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram

VIKKI TOBAK is a journalist whose writing has appeared in The Fader, Complex, Mass Appeal, Paper, i-D, the Detroit News, Vibe, and many others. She is a former producer and columnist for CBS MarketWatch, CNN, Bloomberg News, TechTV, and other leading media organizations. Vikki is also the founding curator of FotoDC’s film program and served as the art commissioner/curator for the Palo Alto Public Art Commission in Silicon Valley. She has lectured about music photography at American University, VOLTA New York, Photoville, the Library of Congress, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.


Contact High


Show Notes



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Vikki Tobak (@vikki_tobak) on


Photography by Janette Beckman

Salt-N-Pepa // Photography by Janette Beckman


Show Notes Continued…


Vikki Tobak

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