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Getting to Cliteracy and Beyond



Sophia Wallace


Recorded in from Bushwick, Brooklyn today’s guest on the show is Sophia Wallace. In this episode we talk Cliteracy, art shows, the pressures of being a creative, priorities, photography, the importance of saying no, focusing on patience and the anatomy of the clitoris.

Just a heads this episode has some strong language that may not be suitable for children. You been warned, enjoy the show.

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Show Notes

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Blue Chip Gallery
  3. The importance of ‘no’
  4. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council – Creative Capital
  5. LMCC Workspace Program (referred to as the Artist Summer Institute by Sophia)
  6. Most successful people in corporate America work approximately 4 hours a day.
  7. Yale
  8. Barriers to play in the art world: resources, focused on endless work, an a bombardment narrative- “Just play the hits”
  9. Focusing on 3 priorities
  10. Smith College
  11. Seattle
  12. DJ Politic
  13. Golden Age of Hip Hop
  14. Outkast
  15. Nas
  16. The Pharcyde
  17. Biggie Smalls
  18. Common
  19. Mos Def
  20. Talib Kweli
  21. Cliteracy
  22. The lens is a powerful tool, the magic between real and conceptual, beauty and evidence.
  23. Vagina
  24. Language connects imagination, aesthetics are important on how art is presented and received
  25. Scope NYC – Cliteracy – 100 Natural Laws (Conversation with Amon 2012)
  26. Clit Rodeo
  27. “The Earth is not flat when it comes to the female body.” Sophia Wallace Quote
  28. Dr. Helen O’Connell
  29. The Anatomy of the Clitoris
  30. Speculum Redesign
  31. The privilege of living in New York as an artist.
  32. As an artist you want to be acknowledged, recognized and apart of the discourse.
  33. Going viral – you get your moment, but does it register?
  34. Try to maintain your place in history
  35. Sophia Wallace’s Mission Statement – I create artworks that restore dignity to other subjects whose gender, sex, and sexuality has been weaponized against them
  36. The right to pleasure, the right of the clit to be known
  37. The true anatomy of 50% of the population
  38. Cliteracy | Sophia Wallace | TEDxSalford
  39. “You put things in the world & you hope that people understand.” Sophia Wallace Quote
  40. The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo
  41. Formless by Sophia Wallace

Advice to Up and Coming Artists:

  • Documentation of the journey
  • Get rid of your bad work
  • Ideas are expensive
  • Keep your cool
  • Be mindful of relationships
  • Make spreadsheets to document and account for everything
  • Make sure there is always an agreement
  • Send yours if the party you are working with doesn’t have one
  • Focus on patience
  •  Most important lesson: trust your really strong ideas, don’t second guess your ideas

I really enjoyed this talk. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment on the Apple Podcast app and don’t forget to rate the show.

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