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Mike Schreiber talks Hip Hop, Film, Black and White Photography and Juicing



Mike Schreiber

Live from the East Village, today’s guest on the show is Mike Schreiber. In this episode we have an in-depth conversation about New York in the 90s, film versus digital, black and white photography, shooting celebrity portraits, the hustle and juicing.


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The Cliff Notes

  1. Photoville
  2. C-Murder
  3. Nashville
  4. Portrait Photography with a Documentary Style
  5. DNA Tested
  6. muMs da Schemer
  7. Slam Nation
  8. Survival Soundz
  9. Ghana
  10. Pentax K1000
  11. Photoville Contact Sheet Project
  12. Shooting Film
  13. Getting Photo Passes
  14. Lyricist Lounge 
  15. Tramps
  16. Making Inroads
  17. The Source
  18. The Vibe
  19. Eminem
  20. Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)
  21. Black Star
  22. M.O.P.
  23. Dungeon Family
  24. Sarah Jones
  25. Wood Harris
  26. Rickey Powell
  27. Jonathan Mannion
  28. Reasonable Doubt
  29. Ernie Paniccioli
  30. Elliott Erwitt 
  31. Rawkus Records
  32. Black and White Photography
  33. Ghetto Rock 
  34. Get Something That Can Be Used
  35. LA Darkman
  36. Roloflex
  37. Frank W. Ockenfels II
  38. Kwaku Alston
  39. Rap Pages 
  40. First Shoot with DMX
  41. Publishing the Book
  42. It’s a Promo Tool
  43. Bill Murray 
  44. Tom Waits
  45. Space Jam
  46. The Juice Section
  47. How to Make Almond Milk
  48. StudsTerkel Radio Archive

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.


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