Sydni Deveraux on Burlesque, Being a Naked Lady Online and Acclimating NYC

A Conversation with Sydni Deveraux

Sydni Deveraux



Live from Park Slope, Brooklyn today’s guest on the show is Sydni Deveraux. In this episode we have an in-depth conversation about burlesque, being a naked lady online, not feeding the trolls, rock music and acclimating to NYC.

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The Cliff Notes

  1. Thumbnail Photography by
  2. The Laziest Way to have your Coffee
  3. Burlesque
  4. Competition Flute Player
  5. Vocal Jazz
  6. Some Shooby Doo-Wops
  7. Smashing Pumpkins
  8. The Cranberries
  9. Miles Davis – Kind Blue 
  10. John Coltrane – Blue Train
  11. Ella Fitzgerald – Greatest Hits
  12. Sarah Vaughan
  13. Ella and Louis
  14. Billie Holiday
  15. Pin-Up Modeling
  16. Suicide Girls
  17. DYI of Burlesque
  18. Ray Charles – Mary Ann
  19. Falling into Her Passion
  20. Acclimating to New York
  21. Reliability in NYC is a Premium
  22. Stuck on the Subway
  23. The Legends of Burlesque
  24. Blaze Starr
  25. Tempest Storm
  26. Dixie Evans
  27. Toni Elling
  28. Dirty Martini
  29. Miss Indigo Blue
  30. Michelle L’amour
  31. Julie Atlas Muz
  32. Tigger Boylesque
  33. Dita Von Teese
  34. Catherine D’Lish
  35. Being a Rockstar Ruckus on Stage
  36. Professional Kittens
  37. Paris is Burning
  38. Perle Noire
  39. Led Zeppelin
  40. Bathtub Gin
  41. Doc Wasabassco
  42. Nasty Canasta
  43. Stripping Dancing Sandwich
  44. The Sociology of Sexuality
  45. Being a Naked Lady Online
  46. Not Here to Escort or Call Girl
  47. DJ Kool Herc
  48. Coco Chanel
  49. Yves Saint Laurent
  50. How did History Inform their Journey
  51. Giuseppe González
  52. Duke Ellington’s Harlem Nocturne
  53. Bumps and Grinds
  54. The Johnny Staccato Band – Three For the show
  55. Man with the Golden Arm – Elmer Bernstein
  56. Sounds of New York
  57. Mister Softee
  58. Last Car of the L Train
  59. Don’t Feed the Trolls
  60. Creating a Venue
  61. Black Sabbath 
  62. AC/DC
  63. Woodstock
  64. Seattle Space Needle
  65. Experience Music Project Museum
  66. Tamir Rice
  67. Freddie Gray
  68. Big Brother and the Holding Company
  69. Janis Joplin
  70. Jimi Hendricks
  71. Cream
  72. Virtue Signaling and Superfluous Words
  73. Animaniacs
  74. Super Bleeding Heart for the Animals


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Written by Amon Focus

Amon Focus is enamored with video/audio production, photography, travel, art, fresh music, good eats, great people and all things creative.

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