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Jonathan Weston on Invasive Species, Beekeeping and Panama Rocks



Jonathan Weston
Photography by Amon Focus

Live from Jamestown, New York today’s guest on the show is Jonathan Weston. Jonathan talks life in Western New York, beekeeping, the outdoors, touring Chautauqua County, invasive species, small business, Panama Rocks and more.


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More About Panama Rocks

Panama Rocks is Chautauqua County’s premier nature park, in operation since 1885.

Come explore an enchanting world of towering rocks, deep crevices and passageways, cool, cavernous dens, and small caves! The rock formations are a unique outcrop of 300 million years old quartz conglomerate sedimentary rock that extend about half a mile and reach upwards of 60 feet tall – one of the largest of its kind in the world!

Grotesque roots snake down the rocks and delicate ferns, mosses, and lichens add to Panama Rock’s unique, jungle-like charm. The forest at Panama Rocks is recognized and included in The Sierra Club’s Guide to the Ancient Forests of the Northeast. The park is home to 300+ year old hemlocks, and other species of venerable trees, including ash, beech, black cherry, elm, red maple, and sugar maple.

The Cliff Notes

  1. Panama Rocks Scenic Park
  2. Niagara Falls
  3. Western New York
  4. Building Forts and Playing Outdoors
  5. Controlled Burnings
  6. Invasive Species
  7. Beech Tree
  8. Passenger pigeon
  9. Beech Bark Disease
  10. Eurasia
  11. Emerald Ash Borer
  12. Ash Wood for Baseball Bats
  13. Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
  14. Department of Environmental Conservation
  15. Asian Long-Horned Beetle
  16. Asian Carp
  17. Zebra Mussel
  18. Ecology
  19. Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History 
  20. Stress Hormones
  21. Disconnect and Breathe
  22. Biological Engineer
  23. Good GMO
  24. Congressman Brian Higgins
  25. NCC – National Comedy Center
  26. Forte the Restaurant
  27. Southern Tier Brewing Company
  28. Wineries and a Wine Trail in Western New York
  29. CHQ Local Food Inc.
  30. Strawberry Fields U-Pick Hydroponic Farm
  31. Bees Talk through Dance
  32. Langstroth Honey Bee Beehive
  33. Warre Hive Construction Guide
  34. Top Bar Hive
  35. Neonicotinoids
  36. Family and Quality of Life
  37. Tour Chautauqua

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Panama Rocks

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