Amon welcomes Arturo Vega to the show. They talk about Arturo becoming a designer for the Ramones, moving to New York, first jobs, the music of the time plus much much more.

More About Arturo Vega

Visit: Howl! Happening – An Arturo Vega Project
Visit: Wikipedia
Visit: Hampton Art Club Article

Links to the Stuff they Talked About

  1. Mexico City –
  2. Elvis –
  3. Orange Julius –
  4. The Bowery –
  5. Dee Dee Ramone –
  6. Ramones –
  7. Eisenhower dollar –
  8. The Metropolitan Museum of Art –
  9. CBGB –
  10. The Clash –
  11. Sex Pistols – Sex Pistols
  12. Lou Reed –
  13. David Bowie –
  14. MC5 –

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