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Mustafa Shakir on being a Struggling Vegan and his Road to Acting



Mustafa Shakir

Amon welcomes Mustafa Shakir to the show. They talk about the power of a name, growing up in Harlem, being a barber, life as a poet, yoga, meditation, music, life on set, being a struggling vegan, the difference between New York and LA plus much  much more.

More About Mustafa Shakir and

Links to the Stuff they Talked About

Gerard Dure Salon –

Negro Ensemble Company, Inc –

Apollo Theater –

Adina Howard –

Heather Hunter –

Michael K. Williams –

SlamNation –

Saul Williams –

Afropunk Festival –

National Black Theatre –

Survival Soundz –

Survival Soundz – Dub is Dub –

Vipassana Meditation –

Integratron –

Joshua Tree National Park –

Quarry –

Sekou Sundiata –

Sekou Sundiata – Def Poetry –

Sekou Sundiata Dies at 58; Performer of Text and Sound –

The New School –

The Celestine Prophecy –

On the Breath of the Gods –

The Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece –

Alibris  –

The Alchemist Kitchen –

Bikram Yoga NYC –

Calcifying your Pineal Gland –


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Leopold Vasquez talks Breaking Comfort Zones, the Purpose of Life and the Sound of Art



Met up with Leopold Vasquez or Leo in midtown to talk about growing up in Washington Heights, being a wild curious kid, the cultural microscope, demystifying the facade of the art world, being a Social Scientist and empowering the disenfranchised.

Keep Up to Date with Leo

Show Notes

  1. A Refined Tone – Mic Test
  2. Talking to Bluster
  3. Rain influencing Leo’s Mood
  4. Growing up in Washington Heights 
  5. Mad Hills and Parks
  6. A Nice Diverse Community 
  7. Being a Wild and Curious Kid
  8. Playing with Fire and Getting Torched
  9. Kids say the Wildest Shit
  10. Biting Cousins 
  11. Drawing anything in Motion
  12. Leo was the Weirdo of the Crew
  13. Had a Producer Vibe to Him 
  14. Getting Lost in the Uptown Caves
  15. Dark Days (Film)
  16. Lenape Indigenous People
  17. Finding Arrow Heads
  18. Manhattan Center For Science and Mathematics
  19. Dominican Republic
  20. Super Curious and Embrace Diversity
  21. Don’t Questions Yourself
  22. Knowing the Difference 
  23. Utilizing your Cultural Microscope 
  24. A Child of Immigrants
  25. That’s how New York is…
  26. Fraunces Tavern
  27. Long Before You Got Here
  28. “You’re not going to Christopher Columbus this shit…”
  29. Art is a Time Cheat and Cheat of Time
  30. How do we preserve New York history?
  31. Retna
  32. BlusterOne
  33. Shepard Fairey
  34. The Peralta Project
  35. Christies Auction House
  36. “We can all enjoy colors…”
  37. Whitney Museum 
  38. Andy Warhol
  39. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  40. Jackson Pollock
  41. Diego Rivera
  42. Frida Kahlo
  43. Problems, Solutions and Lives
  44. Demystify the facade of the art world
  45. Spiderman
  46. Marvel
  47. DC Comics
  48. Infinity Wars
  49. Two Cents on Black Panther Movie
  50. Soul II Soul
  51. Marcus Garvey
  52. Being a Social Scientist
  53. Breaking Comfort Zones
  54. Culture Shock 
  55. Knowledge of Self
  56. Clark Atlanta University
  57. Sullivan County Community College
  58. University of Southern Mississippi
  59. Full Sail University 
  60. Amon’s Story
  61. OutKast
  62. Creativity is Problem Solving
  63. Seeing the Sight Unseen
  64. No Point or Purpose to Life
  65. Empowering the Disenfranchised
  66. Meeting his Ego for the First Time
  67. Jim Rohn – How To Handle Your Ego
  68. Losing loved ones
  69. “Having cried yet but I want too…”
  70. Akeelah and the Bee
  71. Creed
  72. Ready to Cry
  73. Terrible Memories
  74. Real Life is Not Instagram
  75. It Ain’t All Good
  76. Get Flipd
  77. Hard Dopamine Hits
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One Time for Chopped Cheese and Beacon Youth Program Students



chopped cheese beacon program


Chopped cheese is the name of the game because the youth said so! What’s up good people welcome to the New York Said podcast, I’m your host Amon Focus.

This week I headed to Metropolitan High School out in the Bronx to talk to some of the kids in the Beacon Youth Program. I was asked to talk about Podcasting. I kept it simple, I showed them the audio equipment but I said the best way to learn about podcasting is to record one… So we did.

If you’re a long time listener to the show then you’re familiar with the card game I created called New York Said Shuffle, if not then it’s simple. New York Said Shuffle is a game where I have the guest shuffle a deck of question cards that I created and then they answered them.

In this episode I played a lightning round with the students. I asked each person in the group one question each and then they flipped the tables then interviewed me.

This is a light fun episode which I really enjoy. Shout to Leo of SOALife for making this episode possible.

I’m out of here, enjoy!

About Beacon Youth Program and Metropolitan High School

  1. Metropolitan High School
  2. Beacon Youth Program


Show Notes

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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Clayton Patterson talks History, Longevity and the Tompkins Square Park Police Riots with



Clayton Patterson
Photography by Amon Focus


Today’s guest on the show is Clayton Patterson. Clayton is a documentarian, an artist, a historian and staple of the Lower East Side. In this episode we talk about how to survive as an artist, the Clayton Cap, the 80s, the forgotten ones, citizen surveillance, documenting history and the Tompkins Square Park police riots.

This conversation was recorded at the Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum in the heart of the Lower East Side.

This episode is brought to you by Ignacio “Nacho” Fernandez. Show him some love on Instagram.


Show Notes

We would love to hear your thoughts on the episode. Leave a comment on the Apple Podcast app and don’t forget to rate the show.

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