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Terrence Kelleman – Inventor and Founder of the BE MIGHTY Project



Terrence Kelleman

Terrence Kelleman – Photography by Julie Brown

In this episode we sit down with Terrence Kelleman and discuss making a million, critical business values, defining success, going viral, the importance of grit & intuition and much more!

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Show Notes

  • Performance Art
  • Williamsburg, NY
  • MoMA
  • Photoshop of 2002
  • Product Shots
  • Prototype
  • Magnets
  • Magnetic Bracelets at $40 x 40
  • $300 loan
  • Lauren Solotoff Buyer at MoMA
  • The first sale
  • Opportunities to sale no
  • Design is Art with materials
  • All your hard work will one day pay off
  • The cold call
  • Village Voice
  • Voices Choices
  • CAVE Art Gallery
  • 4 Million Views in 2006 on YouTube
  • 150K
  • The best problem you ever want to have.
  • The fulfillment problem
  • “Your patent is only as strong as you are willing to pay to defend it.” Terrence Kelleman Quote
  • The launch of a phenomenon
  • Ctlr + C & Ctlr + V (Control Copy & Control Paste)
  • NY Now Gift Show
  • Duct Tape
  • Tyvek
  • Hong Kong Trade Commission on 42nd
  • Alibaba
  • “The questions never end even when you get the answer.” Terrence Kelleman Quote
  • Word of Mouth
  • Inc. Magazine Fastest Growing Companies List 2013
  • Following your intuition
  • You know, your gut is always is right, sometimes you have to just listen.
  • The importance of friction to challenge your ideas
  • Confidence can be your worst enemy
  • A certain level of success, there is no refinement
  • Union Square, NY
  • “Go hard and go fast.” Terrence Kelleman Quote
  • Brand protection
  • “I am a process freak.” Terrence Kelleman Quote
  • Simple
  • Tradeshow equation
  • 3 Seconds
  • A salesman
  • Art Directors Club
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • Do you want to get a coffee?
  • Holidays
  • Be Mighty Project
  • Projecting Energy
  • Being a father
  • The Blackhole
  • A single thing to be thankful for
  • “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill
  • Slaps vs. Flyers
  • Be Happy
  • Mr. Mighty
  • Jewels of NYC
  • Born in the walk
  • “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King Jr. Quote
  • Steps to Making an Idea Tangible:
  1. You never know until you try
  2. Listen to your intuition
  3. Work your ass off
  4. Be creative
  • “Success isn’t really the goal…” Terrence Kelleman
  • The storm Analogy
  • The most important lesson- Learning how to do what I want for me.
  • IG @bemighty

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