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Robert Whitman talks photographing Prince Pre-Fame and the Common Humanity



robert whitman


Today’s guest on the show is Robert Whitman. In this episode Robert shares how he got his start in photography, capturing Prince Pre-Fame, Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov, Pilobolus, visiting Cuba and his style of shooting photography.


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Show Notes

  1. Prince Pre Fame (Book)
  2. Tribeca, NY
  3. About Coffee
  4. St. Louis Park, Minnesota
  5. 1960s
  6. Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll
  7. West Side Story  
  8. “We are all human beings” Robert Whitman
  9. People are really comfortable with him taking their picture.
  10. People open up to you.
  11. Getting Dumped
  12. Alfred Eisenstaedt (Photographer)
  13. Evoking photography
  14. People leave my photo shoot and go home and have sex.
  15. Lifestyle Advertising definition
  16. Dewar’s Scotch Wisky
  17. Leo Burnett
  18. Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov
  19. Shelley Washington
  20. Ballet Mistress
  21. Musical Wall in Minnesota
  22. Sunshine Hotel
  23. Sunshine Hotel Documentary
  24. Vanishing New York (Book) by Jeremiah Moss
  25. Doing it for the love.
  26. Sasha Meret
  27. Alexander Sumner
  28. Ashley Alexa


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