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Linus Coraggio talks Club 57, Adventures in the East Village and his Sculpture Work



Linus Coraggio

Linus Coraggio and I met up to talk growing up on the Upper West Side, the Guinness Book of World Records, adventures in the East Village, Club 57, his sculpture work, surviving as an artist, making his own rules and getting ideas from dreams.

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This is how you survive in NY as an artist according to New York Native and Artist Linus Corragio:

  1. Keep making it
  2. Keep documenting it
  3. Keep showing it to other people, even if it is just your friends and family
  4. Go to galleries and meet other artists
  5. Try to bump into people
  6. Having a physical portfolio is not a bad thing
  7. Have cards that have your number on it and say you are an artist
  8. Try to exchange contact information with people who are older than you, people who know more about the art scene, those that might have ideas for your work
  9. Think outside of the box on where you can put your art (restaurants, and cafes are options to galleries
  10. Have website and invest in it
  11. Don’t give up.

Show Notes

  1. Talking about West 100th Street  
  2. Renaissance of the Upper West Side by Nicholas Pileggi (from the June 30, 1969 issue of New York Magazine.)
  3. No street lamps? No trees?
  4. How do you answer to “Let me get a ride on your bike?”
  5. Toothpick Sculptures and Elmer’s Glue
  6. The Guinness Book of World Records
  7. World Land Speed records for Cars and Motorcycles
  8. The current holder of the Outright World Land Speed Record is ThrustSSC, a twin turbofan jet-powered car which achieved 763.035 mph – 1227.985 km/h – over one mile in October 1997. This was the first supersonic record as it broke the sound barrier at Mach 1.016.
  9. The Largest Toothpick Sculpture Guinness World Record
  10. The Young Filmmakers on Rivington Street (Doesn’t Exist anymore)
  11. The Cooper Union
  12. Henry Brant space music
  13. Henry Brant: Orbits (1979)- YouTube
  14. Jump city
  15. Pot
  16. Psilocybin mushroom
  17. Canal Street
  18. Purchase College, State University of New York (SUNY Purchase)
  19. Flatbush, Brooklyn
  20. New Yorkers ignore crazy, we see it all the time.
  21. “Pre cellphones when your day was pretty existential…” Linus Coraggio
  22. Breakdance Crews
  23. Mudd Club
  24. Images from the Mudd Club
  25. Club 57
  26. ‘Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978-1983’
  27. AVANT Street Art New York City, 1980-1984
  28. 3-D Graffiti was created by Linus Coraggio
  29. The Museum Of Modern Art MoMa
  30. Fab Five Freddy
  31. Volkswagen Bug
  32. Tribeca
  33. East village
  34. Eat sushi, get fat.- Linus Coraggio
  35. Socio-political Comments
  36. Ronald Reagan
  37. Leo Castelli
  38. 420 West Broadway
  39. “F*ck Leo Castelli, my art goes here.” – Linus Coraggio
  40. Kids on Ave. D robbed Basquiat for his bike.
  41. Alphaville (book) by Michael Codella and Bruce Bennett
  42. A Beautiful Mind (film)
  43. Reichmann Corporation
  44. The Memory Chair Sculpture
  45. Landline Phone Service
  46. Got paid not to exhibit my art.
  47. Gentrification
  48. New York is becoming an anti-artist enclave of business and real estate.-Linus Coraggio
  49. Rivington & Forsyth Street
  50. Claiming space
  51. Homeland Security
  52. 9/11
  53. Ave. B and 2nd Street
  54. Crowd-pleaser type of artist
  55. Sculpture Garden Between Ave. B & Ave. C
  56. Dot’s New York Said Episode- Growing Out of the Hood with Dot
  57. DJ CherishTheLuv New York Said Episode- DJ CherishTheLuv shares her Incredible Story
  58. 15 minutes of fame, I have 30 seconds there and 30 seconds there.
  59. Struggling to pay the bills is a real artist experience.
  60. The Village Voice
  61. Who did 3-D art first?
  62. Graffiti Writers-The 50 Greatest NYC Graffiti Artists by Complex
  63. Burning Man
  64. Digital Underground
  65. If you like videos, here’s one of their…Same Song by Digital Underground
  66. The city of rats
  67. Anybody want to buy a grenade?
  68. Washington Square Park
  69. Characters of New York
  70. The Harlem School of the Arts
  71. 42nd and 8thThe Port Authority
  72. Guardian Angel Mad Max
  73. The Warriors (film)
  74. The Warriors – Trailer
  75. Injuries of an artist
  76. I make my own rules. Just keep doing what you are doing. –Linus Coraggio
  77. “I get my ideas from dreams.” –Linus Coraggio
  78. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
  79. Dreams About Flying: Dream Meanings Explained by Wendy Gould, The Huffington Post


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