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Holley M. Murchison on the Keys to Creating Good Stuff, Active Listening, Speaking your Truth



Holley M. Murchison

Photography by Adrian Octavius Walker



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Today’s guest on the show is entrepreneur and strategist Holley Murchison.

We met up in Grind, a co-working space in not too far from 34th street and talked about growing up in Harlem, yoga, Lisbon, life in the hood, gambling, debate tournaments, her grade changing scandal, engaging with high-end clients, how to fire someone, shifting cultures, volunteering, the keys to creating good stuff, active listening, speaking your truth and much much more.

That’s enough intro for one show, please enjoy.

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2018 Year End Wrap Up with Juan and Amon



2018 Year End Wrap Up


Damn this year went by quick. Too quick if you ask me but who is asking? Anyways… Juan and I are back with this year’s 2018 Year End Wrap Up. We met back up in Tudor City to reminisce about past episodes, the launch of Sunday Cigar and what we’ve learned along the way. Happy New York good people!

Show Notes

Show notes coming soon…


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Jeremiah Moss talks Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost Its Soul



jeremiah moss


Today’s guest on the show is Jeremiah Moss, author of Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost Its Soul. We met up in Tompkins Square park to talk about the suburbanization of New York, the importance of policy, monoculture, Jane Jacobs, eminent domain, the impact of the High Line, Coney Island, neoliberalism, poor doors, colonial myopia and hyper-gentrification. I think it is safe to say that you should listen to this episode, twice. Enjoy.

Learn More

  1. Jeremiah Moss Author of Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost Its Soul(publisher Harper Collins)
  2. Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost Its Soul
  3. Paperback coming out on July 24th
  4. Vanishing New York Blog by Jeremiah Moss


Show Notes


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‘Rock Rubber 45s’ Q&A with Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love



Bobbito Garcia


Today’s guest on the show is Bobbito Garcia.

What’s up good people this episode is that kicks off to Third Season of the New York Said podcast. We drop a new episode every Tuesday… Lawd so that means this is episode 105. Time is flying and we sincerely appreciate your support on this journey.

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The other day I headed to the Metrograph Theater in the Lower East Side to catch the premiere of Rock Rubber 45s, an autobiographical documentary by Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love. I’m not a film critic but I will say this, I friggin’ love it. I laughed a lot, had a ton of nostalgic moments plus I learn a ton of stuff about Bob that I did now know.

After the film, Bob and I kicked it for a few but he was gracious to give us access to record the Q&A after the movie.

It’s a documentary so I personally don’t think there are any spoilers or spoiler alerts because it’s info that supports the film. To be honest, it a great Q&A but nothing is going to beat actually seeing the film and listening to the music. Theres is a lot of excellent music in the film, that’s no surprise. It’s Bobbito!

Anyway, I’m outta here… enjoy!

Show Notes

  1. Bobbito Garcia
  2. Rock Rubber 45s Documentary
  3. Rock Rubber 45s Playing at Maysles Cinema  Friday, July 6, 2018 7:30 PM  thru Thursday, July 12, 2018 10:30 PM
  4. Nike Zoom Fly Mercurial Flyknit
  5. Metrograph
  6. Rep Reborn, Downtown: The Story Behind NYC’s Metrograph Theater by Vadim Rizov
  7. Jake Perlin, Artistic and Programming Director of Metrograph and noted cinephile
  8. From the Archives: First Person Singular, Autobiography in Film-June 30, 2016 | By David Schwartz
  9. Autobiographical Film
  10. Review: ‘Rock Rubber 45s’ Looks in the Mirror to Tell a Life Story By Glenn Kenny
  11. NYT Critic’s Pick
  12. Kickstarter for Rock Rubber 45s
  13. 7th Boro
  14. Doin’ It In The Park Film
  15. Kevin Couliau, Director & Photographer
  16. Stretch and Bobbito Film
  17. Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives – Trailer YouTube
  18. National Public Radio – NPR
  19. What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito Podcast 2nd season starts on August 15th
  20. Stevie Wonder Episode Mentioned– August 30, 2017
  21. Uncle Drew (2018 Movie) Official Trailer
  22. Charles Stone III, Director
  23. The Roots
  24. Jill ScottAmerican singer-songwriter
  25. Rucker Park
  26. Archival Consultant (an article)
  27. Terabyte
  28. Blessings of the Universe
  29. Netflix
  30. Not getting paid up front.
  31. Cey Adams
  32. Cey Adams- Artist (happens to have been a guest of the New York Said Podcast)…here’s the episode
  33. Janette BeckmanBritish photographer
  34. Charlie Ahearn Director
  35. Charlie Ahearn Biography
  36. Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer trailer
  37. Wild Style Movie
  38. Adobe Premier Pro
  39. Video Post Production Collaboration Software
  40. Max (software)
  41. LaCie: Premium External Hard Drives
  42. Where’d You Get Those? New York City’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987 Hardcover – September, 2003 (Bobbito’s Book)
  43. Emir Lewis Editor & producer (vimeo channel)
  44. Sneaker Kingpin Fat Joe & Bobbito Garcia On “Its The shoes”
  45. ’72 Hours’: Brooklyn Teen Caesar Winslow Has a Weekend to Settle His Affairs (Exclusive Video)
  46. Meet the Director: Raafi Rivero
  47. Raafi Rivero Director & Filmmaker
  48. Mariah Rehmet Editor
  49. Saboteur Media
  50. DJ Stretch Armstrong on the 5 ’90s NYC Clubs That Shaped Him By Jake Boyer
  51. DJ Rich Medina
  52. Earl Manigault American basketball player
  53. Ray Garcia
  54. Bill Garcia
  55. The University of Vermont
  56. Harvard University
  57. Francis Eugene Harper aka Hill Harper
  58. Stevie Crashes The Wonder-Full Party & Makes Music With DJ Spinna
  59. Wonder-Full part 1 – Stevie Wonder Party by Spinna & Bobbito
  60. Pharoahe Monch – “Still Standing” feat. Jill Scott Music Video
  61. ROCK RUBBER 45s title track produced by Bobbito García features guest appearances by 10-time Grammy Award winner Eddie Palmieri and 3-time Grammy Award winner Robert Glasper, as well as Latin Grammy Award winning violinist Mireya Ramos of the group Flor de Toloache and hip hop legend DJ Rob Swift on scratches.
  62. Earthtones
  63. Rich Medina And Bobbito ‎– The Connection Volume One (Modern Explorations In Afro-Beat And Afro Latin) 2009
  64. r2 Records
  65. Rich Medina & Bobbito, CONNECTED (album preview mix) on Soundcloud
  66. The Maysles Documentary Center
  67. Summer Stage (FREE EVENTS ALL SUMMER)
  68. DJ Cucumber Slice
  69. Claw Money New York-based graffiti writer turned fashion designer
  70. Coney Island High
  71. Pick Up Basketball
  72. Ray Diaz, the founder and director of the Nike Pro City League
  73. VIBE
  74. Be Polite Dancer
  75. Non Profits that you may donate to:
  76. Soles4Souls
  77. Healing Soles, Inc.
  78. Samaritan’s Feet
  79. Hoops for Hope
  80. Hoops Africa
  81. SEEDS
  82. The soundtrack of our lives
  83. I am going to go play ball but I sucked
  84. Not afraid to fail
  85. New Life
  86. Footwork
  87. Nuyorican Poets Cafe
  88. Bobbito Garcia’s Footwork Sneaker Store LES NYC
  89. 3rd Bass
  90. Def Jam
  91. MF Doom
  92. KMD Hip hop trio
  93. Pete Nice
  94. Hard 2 Obtain Long Island hip hop group
  95. Black Bastards Album
  96. Kurious
  97. Operation: Doomsday

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