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Cousin Mikey is Done with the Dumb Shit and Preparing for Better Days



Cousin Mikey


We’re back in DUMBO, Brooklyn but this time to talk with Cousin Mikey. In this episode we talk about bikes, smoke, death, stick-up and vicious dogs.

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The Cliff Notes

  1. The Everyday Struggle
  2. It’s Wild Healthy to Just Walk Around
  3. Being a Man of your Word
  4. The Devil is a Lie
  5. Bikes and Growing Up
  6. Dyno
  7. The Kid with Expensive Taste
  8. Stealing Bikes and Getting Bikes Stolen
  9. Got the Bike Back
  10. Sheba Bites
  11. Ice-Pops
  12. The Cigar Man
  13. True Blue 100s
  14. Cracking Jokes
  15. Little Dumbout
  16. Tough Exteriors in the Barber Shop
  17. Two Cadillacs
  18. A Phone Call
  19. A Hunnid Dollars
  20. Perfections Strip Club
  21. Taking Money from Strippers
  22. The Stick-Up
  23. Getting Shot At
  24. Not Snitching
  25. Getting a Little Spooky
  26. Hip Hop Stickers
  27. 3X Crazy
  28. Crucial Conflict
  29. Rocking a Perm
  30. Sleeping in Corn-braids
  31. Method Man 
  32. Getting Back on Track
  33. Losing a Parent
  34. Call Your Mother
  35. Adopted
  36. My Little Brother
  37. Ya Dead Wrong
  38. Kid Shit
  39. Top 5 Dead or Alive
  40. Honda Dirt Bike
  41. Sade – When Am I Going To Make A Living

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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