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Gary Keane talks Getting Bullied, Persevering and Underwater Welding



Gary Keane



We’re back in TriBeca but this time to talk with Gary Keane. In this episode we talk about getting bullied, persevering, the army, bad dogs, first fights, making tools, family drama and underwater welding.

The Cliff Notes

  1. The First Appearance
  2. Military Brat
  3. ADD
  4. Sheltered
  5. CiCis Pizza
  6. Social Awkward
  7. Love Science
  8. Step Father’s Old School Style of Discipline
  9. Bullying
  10. Give Him A Category
  11. Left for the Army
  12. Starting a Metal Band
  13. First Real Scrap
  14. Jaw Broken
  15. Attacked While Take a Piss
  16. Constantly getting Bullied
  17. Joining the Army
  18. Iraq
  19. Afghanistan
  20. BMX Ramp
  21. Got out of the Army
  22. Moved in with Biological Father
  23. 100 Acre Farm
  24. Gunsmithing
  25. Calm Down and Work with your Hands
  26. Center Gauge
  27. Make Your Own Tools
  28. Wilson Combat
  29. Shooting Guns
  30. Pressing his own Rounds
  31. Meeting his Wife
  32. Starting Over in New York City
  33. $100 in New York City
  34. That’s a Bad Dog
  35. Getting Bit in the Face
  36. Intro to Underwater Welding
  37. Commercial Diver
  38. Remain Calm
  39. Helmets to Hardhats 
  40. Becoming an Apprentice
  41. About 200 Commercial Divers in the Tri-State Area
  42. Dealing with Fire Underwater
  43. Reverse Polarity
  44. Lotto, Patience, Travel
  45. Seeing the Danger

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