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Photography by Amon Focus

Today’s guest on the show is Conscious. In this episode we met up in Tompkins Square Park to talk about better ways to communicate, letting go, intuition, instinct, ego, racism, mental health, fasting, philosophy, spiritual practice, squirrels and peanut butter cookies.

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Show Notes

  1. Social media
  2. “The DM is not a substitute for a text” – Conscious Quote
  3. “Keep it human.” – Conscious Quote
  4. You may not have someone’s undivided attention in a DM
  5. “…don’t say that sh*t here, I’ll meet you in real life.” Amon and Conscious agree.
  6. “If you got skeletons man, I am the last person to judge you; I might help you hide them.” Conscious Quote
  7. Keeping up with the Jones’, who the f*ck are the Jones?
  8. Dopamine hits
  9. Digital fasting
  10. Sometimes you got to be still for a moment…
  11. Awareness that you can design your day is one of the keys to happiness
  12. A Tribe Called Quest
  13. A Tribe Called Like Quest Video – Musical Break in the show notes
  14. Your Employees are the Frontline of an Experience
  15. Never relinquish your power to an outside power.
  16. You goin’ to see these hands…Basquiat
  17. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  18. Darius on Atlanta – Atlanta’s Darius & The Deconstruction Of The Weird Black Dude by Elijah C. Watson
  19. Best of Darious on Atlanta– Youtube
  20. Atlanta– TV Series
  21. You are going to boycott the word n*gga?
  22. TK in the AM Podcast
  23. #AffirmationFriday
  24. Pedagogy
  25. What does free mean to you? Nina Simone Clip
  26. Nina Simone
  27. “It is your birthright to exist.” Conscious Quote
  28. “Who are you?”
  29. I am.
  30. Uber personal questions
  31. Camo- Camouflage
  32. BAPE
  33. J Crew
  34. Small Talk
  35. “There is no small conversation.” Conscious Quote
  36. I never ask people what they do, instead ask how was your day. – Amon Focus
  37. Trigger
  38. What are you excited about in the next month? (A good party question suggestion from Conscious)
  39. The 75 Most Important Social Media Acronyms by Anna Washenko
  40. FRFR- for real for real (Not on the list above.)
  41. Lexicon and ego
  42. Egoic
  43. Jovial
  44. What was the last really great feeling you had? Conscious Question
  45. How do you feel about Therapy?
  46. Dark moments
  47. No quick fix to life.
  48. Reiki
  49. “I’ve created my own magical lifestyle.” –Conscious Quote
  50. Osho
  51. ‘Wild Wild Country’: Is Subject of Netflix Doc Really a ‘Sex Cult’?– Rolling Stone article by Elizabeth Yuko
  52. Wild Wild Country Netflix original Documentary
  53. The Sims
  54. Meat suit experience
  55. Ley lines
  56. “Everything is every thing.” Conscious Quote
  57. Signs
  58. How do you navigate this city?
  59. Dogs can smell fear.
  60. Pay attention, stay out of your phone.
  61. ‘Apple picking’ thieves snatch iPhones by Jeff Rossen and Avni Patel on Today
  62. Tough love
  63. Be present.
  64. Vince Staples
  65. New York is 4 blocks long. –Amon Focus
  66. No Coincidences – New York Said Instagram
  67. Fasting and knowing somethings about your body
  68. Demystify everything.
  69. “Go back to school on your body.”- Conscious Quote
  70. Do your due diligence.
  71. What the Health Documentary
  72. Hawks in the Lower East Side and all over New York
  73. Great films evoke. -Amon Focus
  74. Eggs compared to 1000 cigarettes???
  75. Wait, Beyonce eats Popeye’s? on The Oprah Show
  76. McDonald’s
  77. McDonald’s 300-Billionth Burger Delayed By Spencer Jakab
  78. Trauma in our fat.
  79. Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond Documentary Netflix
  80. Andy Warhol Documentary Part 1
  81. Andy Warhol Documentary Part 2
  82. Andy Warhol- The Complete Picture
  83. Squirrels and Peanut butter Cookies
  84. Stream of Conscious writing
  85. Allowing a thing to be
  86. I am.
  87. You look like who?
  88. SlamNation Documentary
  89. Poetry Slam
  90. So you both used to Slam?
  91. Nuyorican Poets Cafe
  92. Naming ceremony
  93. “Never second guess your intuition.” Conscious’ greatest lesson thus far.
  94. Intuition=Common Sense
  95. Intuition and ego don’t mix.
  96. You are here to be in this body.
  97. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8
  98. Eat right, take care of yourself, to move in love, gain wisdom through your actions, master your emotions, and use them properly, and get along with your ego. Paraphrase of Conscious’ take on the human experience.
  99. “Self-work matters.” Conscious Quote
  100. Asking the right question and creating a legacy.

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