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The MTA and the Cost of Honesty with Christopher Taylor



Christopher Taylor

Today’s guest on the show is Christopher Taylor. In this episode we chop it up about driving a bus for the mta, raising children without patience, what it takes to live in NY, why live in NY, books and giving back.

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Show Notes

  1. No Complaints
  2. Champagne on Tuesday
  3. Happy Animal
  4. Fun into the room
  5. Moet Ice
  6. MTA Bus Driver
  7. Heart Attack Time
  8. Defensive Driving Exponential
  9. Someone gets hit in NY every 37 hours.
  10. Be careful, be patient, and anticipate everything.
  11. Everybody is just trying to get to the crib.
  12. Bring it home.
  13. Should you have patience with children? No.
  14. Aim the lasers.
  15. Value of education.
  16. Confidence
  17. Peace officer, security guards, etc. the goal is to de-escalate.
  18. Banks not giving loans.
  19. Policy of poverty & crime.
  20. The Black Inventor Online Museum
  21. From the Browder File: 22 Essays on the African American Experience
  22. Message to the Blackman in America
  23. “If all I do is just for me, then that for me is a failure.” Chris Taylor
  24. Dignity in the space of compliance.
  25. Amon-is checking the guest.
  26. We need more doctors.
  27. Not the easiest person to know?
  28. Being punished for telling the truth.
  29. The cost of honesty.
  30. The big piece of chicken. Chris Rock
  31. Writing for Emotional Impact by Karl Iglesias –(Book)
  32. Jamaica Avenue bookstores
  33. Queens one of ‘most diverse places on Earth,’ new figures show by Lisa Colagelo
  34. No excuse for ignorance
  35. What’s off limits?
  36. Amon’s cellphone ringtone…dope right?
  37. Getting my piece of the apple.
  38. It’s hard, its racists, and it is expensive.
  39. Who’s who and what’s what NY Survival Skills
  40. Love to see change in a good story.
  41. Stephen Colbert

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