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One Time for Chopped Cheese and Beacon Youth Program Students



chopped cheese beacon program


Chopped cheese is the name of the game because the youth said so! What’s up good people welcome to the New York Said podcast, I’m your host Amon Focus.

This week I headed to Metropolitan High School out in the Bronx to talk to some of the kids in the Beacon Youth Program. I was asked to talk about Podcasting. I kept it simple, I showed them the audio equipment but I said the best way to learn about podcasting is to record one… So we did.

If you’re a long time listener to the show then you’re familiar with the card game I created called New York Said Shuffle, if not then it’s simple. New York Said Shuffle is a game where I have the guest shuffle a deck of question cards that I created and then they answered them.

In this episode I played a lightning round with the students. I asked each person in the group one question each and then they flipped the tables then interviewed me.

This is a light fun episode which I really enjoy. Shout to Leo of SOALife for making this episode possible.

I’m out of here, enjoy!

About Beacon Youth Program and Metropolitan High School

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