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Halopigg is the Undisputed Street Art and Graffiti Encyclopedia






Live from Bushwick, today’s guest on the show is Halopigg also known as Daniel Weintraub. In this episode we talk about street art, living his dream, stickers, underground hip hop as well as being an archiver and collector of things.

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The Cliff Notes

  1. Deep Bushwick, Actual Bushwick and Bushwick
  2. Gentrification
  3. Living His Dream
  4. Visiting Cities to See Art
  5. Hopefully Third of Life Crisis
  6. Leaving the Suburbs if Philly and Doing Something in Art
  7. Working with JR
  8. Curating and Running a Gallery Space
  9. Case Maclaim
  10. Going on Mural Tour
  11. Grateful Dead
  12. Nine Inch Nails
  13. Free AOL Discs
  14. Hotmail
  15. Okayplayer Forum
  16. Essaywhuman?!!!??!
  17. The Roots
  18. Nerdy Underground Hip-Hop
  19. People Under the Stairs
  20. MF Doom 
  21. Cannibal Ox
  22. Definitive Jux
  23. One Trip to Tokyo
  24. Obey – Shepard Fairey Forum
  25. Boxden
  26. Collecting Art
  27. White Chip
  28. Blue Chip
  29. Obey Sticker Collection
  30. Postal Label Collection
  31. Graffiti Vs. Street Art
  32. Style Wars
  33. Mural Tour
  34. The Gusto of these Big Cities
  35. Everybody is Struggling
  36. West Coast Chapter
  37. Triumph Brewing 
  38. Weed Dispensary
  39. Play with Certain Galleries
  40. Archiver and Collector of Things
  41. Very Large Talent Pool
  42. The Art World in New York
  43. Leveling Up
  44. Zelda
  45. Neckface
  46. Near Death Experience
  47. ROA
  48. Faring Purth
  49. Dinosaur BBQ
  50. Layqa Nuna Yawar
  51. PixelPancho
  52. Thievin’ Stephen
  53. Ian Wilson of Wall Therapy 
  54. Wise Two
  55. Ma’Claim – The book: Finest photorealistic Graffiti
  56. Eastern Market 
  57. Art Basel
  58. Art Networking at it Finest

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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