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Greg Graham talks the Comfort Crusade, Music and a Mariah Carey Story



greg graham

Amon welcomes Greg Graham to the show. They talk about Promo Only, golden age of hip hop in the late 90’s, what budget, parties before the age of social media, perks vs. payola, church in the morning, relationship building, London ambassador and match-making, the changing landscape of New York, what is electric lounge genre, choosing to live in New York, Comfort Crusade and Drink Lounge.
Music Mentioned

Sounds from a Parallel Universe by Comfort Crusade

Skit Mentioned
Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015- Saturday Night

Locations Mentioned

Astoria, Queens

Drink Spots Mentioned

Drink Lounge

Restaurants Mentioned

Asia De Cuba

Benjamin Steakhouse


Peter Luger

The New York Dog House

Calle Dao

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