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DJ Neil Armstrong on Touring with Jay Z and Paying Dues



DJ Neil Armstrong

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Today’s guest on the show is DJ Neil Armstrong. I’ve been listening to Neil’s mixes for well over 10 years now and I can honestly say I was pretty hype when he accepted my invite to appear on the show.

In this episode we have a super in-depth conversation about paying dues, how to sustain longevity in the entertainment business, his dog Poh, universal languages, his various experiences as a tour DJ for Jay Z, Neil’s Dinner & A Mixtape series plus much much more.

Just a heads up, we recorded this in a pretty quiet room. And a bunch of little kids showed up with their moms and all of a sudden it got live. It got loud, but Neil and I never stopped. We were knee deep into the conversation and at that point it didn’t make sense to move.

You can still hear us really clearly but the party in the background does get a bit distracting at times, I apologize in advance.

With that said, please enjoy.

Website –

Instagram –

Dinner & A Mixtape –

Twitter –

Soundcloud –

Here is a Sample from one of my favorite Mixes:

You can buy DJ Neil Armstrong mixes here:

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