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Dirty Souf Yankee talks Tour Photography, Date Rape and Choosing Herself



Dirty Souf Yankee

Live from the Lower East Side today’s guest on the show is Dirty Souf Yankee. Dirty Souf Yankee talks making something out of nothing, tour photography, date rape, tattoos, painting sneakers, couch surfing and more.


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The Cliff Notes

  1. Savannah College of Art and Design
  2. Making Jewelry
  3. Stalley
  4. Uniqlo
  5. Mickey Factz
  6. BOSCO
  7. Theophilus London
  8. DJ Ace of Spades
  9. Painting Sneakers
  10. Dunk Exchange
  11. Shirt Kings Air Brush
  12. 5411s
  13. Treach
  14. ACG Boots
  15. Being too Broke
  16. Capturing Jay Z’s Mom’s 60 Birthday Party
  17. DJ D-Nice
  18. TMZ
  19. Tour Photographer
  20. Send Yourself on Tour
  21. SXSW
  22. Couch Surfing and Thugging it Out
  23. Make Friends Along the Way
  24. Food Poisoning
  25. Ruth B
  26. Make Something Out of Nothing
  27. Perception, Not Reality
  28. Date Rape
  29. Straight Edge
  30. Not Stripping
  31. Choose Yourself
  32. Getting Evicted
  33. Figure Life Out, At Home
  34. Tromso, Northern Lights 
  35. You are Psychic
  36. Recalibrating the Circle
  37. Dick at your Door

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