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Matt FX gives the inside scoop on Warehouse Parties, Good Eats and Music around the City



Matt FX

Amon welcomes Matt FX to the show. They talk about a ton of music, a variety genres, a plethora of artists, a gaggle of geese, warehouse parties, tv shows, movies and all while learning the peaks & valleys Matt has endured to becoming the person he is today.

More About Matt FX

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Links to the Stuff they Talked About


Lumpia Shack Snackbar –

Coppelia –


Modern Family –

Fame –

The Shining –

Yellow Submarine (film) –

Skins UK –

Skins MTV –

Russell Brand –

The Mighty Boosh –

Rent –

Broad City –


Jai Paul –

Diplo –

A-Track –

Dillon Francis –

Skrillex –

Mushrooms (Skins us Soundtrack ) –

Post Malone – White Iverson –

Sleigh Bells –

Jimmy Eat World –

Blood Orange –

Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard –

Animal Collective –

Phantogram –

M83 –

DJ Green Lantern –

How To Make It In America – Mixtape Vol.2 by Mick Boogie –


Rap Phenomenon II – DJ Vlad, Dirty Harry, DJ Green Lantern –

Nicolas Jaar –

Matthew Dear –

Ludacris –

DJ Raff – Latino N’ Proud –

vcvl –

Jarina De Marco –

Tony Quattro –

GoldLink –

Smino –

monte booker –

Sángo –

Zero Fatigue –

Chance The Rapper –

Alex Tumay –

James Kurd –


Sugar Candy Mountain –

J Balvin –

Azealia Banks –

Azealia Banks- Slow Hands (Interpol Cover) –

Azealia Banks – “212” Video (2011) –

Young Thug –

Zapp and Roger –

Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack –

Nelly –

Women of the Calabash –

The Beatles –

The White Stripes –

Linkin Park –

Jet (band) –

* N S Y N C –

A Tribe Called Quest –

De La Soul –

Freddie Gibbs –


Rinsed –

Shea Stadium BK –

285 Kent –

Market Hotel –

Electric Zoo –

Webster Hall –

Verboten –

The Limelight –

Le Bain – The Standard Hotels –


Groton –

Choate Rosemary Hall –

Phillips Exeter Academy –

Saint Thomas Choir School –

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School –

The University of Glasgow –

McGill University –


West Village –

West Beth –

New Zealand –

Williamsburg –

Bushwick, Brooklyn –,_Brooklyn

Art Basel –

Dance-punk –

Todd P –

ShowPaper –

DIY Band Sites –

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One Time for Chopped Cheese and Beacon Youth Program Students



chopped cheese beacon program


Chopped cheese is the name of the game because the youth said so! What’s up good people welcome to the New York Said podcast, I’m your host Amon Focus.

This week I headed to Metropolitan High School out in the Bronx to talk to some of the kids in the Beacon Youth Program. I was asked to talk about Podcasting. I kept it simple, I showed them the audio equipment but I said the best way to learn about podcasting is to record one… So we did.

If you’re a long time listener to the show then you’re familiar with the card game I created called New York Said Shuffle, if not then it’s simple. New York Said Shuffle is a game where I have the guest shuffle a deck of question cards that I created and then they answered them.

In this episode I played a lightning round with the students. I asked each person in the group one question each and then they flipped the tables then interviewed me.

This is a light fun episode which I really enjoy. Shout to Leo of SOALife for making this episode possible.

I’m out of here, enjoy!

About Beacon Youth Program and Metropolitan High School

  1. Metropolitan High School
  2. Beacon Youth Program


Show Notes

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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Clayton Patterson talks History, Longevity and the Tompkins Square Park Police Riots with



Clayton Patterson
Photography by Amon Focus


Today’s guest on the show is Clayton Patterson. Clayton is a documentarian, an artist, a historian and staple of the Lower East Side. In this episode we talk about how to survive as an artist, the Clayton Cap, the 80s, the forgotten ones, citizen surveillance, documenting history and the Tompkins Square Park police riots.

This conversation was recorded at the Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum in the heart of the Lower East Side.

This episode is brought to you by Ignacio “Nacho” Fernandez. Show him some love on Instagram.


Show Notes

We would love to hear your thoughts on the episode. Leave a comment on the Apple Podcast app and don’t forget to rate the show.

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A Night in the Life of Tiger Hood



Tiger Hood
Photography by Amon Focus


Today’s guest on the show is Tiger Hood also known as Patrick Barr.

This episode happened because my train decided to take a detour and out of my utter frustration I decided to get out and just walk home. If you’ve ever ridden the Subway in New York on the weekend then you full understand my frustration.

On this summer hike to the Lower East Side I ran into my friend Tiger Hood. Now I’ve known Tiger for some years now. If you don’t know Tiger Hood, he is famous for his photography and the type of golf he likes to play. His game is street golf. Tiger upcycles used milk containers by wrapping them with tape and hitting them with a golf club toward a box in the distance. Sometimes he puts the box up the block and sometimes it’s across the street, it all just depends what he deems the safest placement for that street. Some People even collect his taped up milk containers.

The first time I saw his photography it stopped me in my tracks. He had taken a photo in Key West of a Rooster eating out of a KFC box and I thought it was funny.

For years I’d been wanting interview Tiger and stars stars finally aligned.



Show Notes

  1. Follow Tiger Hood on Instagram
  2. SoHo
  3. Minetta Lane
  4. Plinko
  5. Key West
  6. Cadet Corps
  7. Photo Journalist
  8. 50 Years in New York
  9. It’s the contact that matters
  10. Social butterfly
  11. Having fun but taking it Serious
  12. ABC – Always Be Careful
  13. Eldridge Cleaver
  14. New York Nico
  15. Christopher Marks
  16. The Love of the English Language
  17. Poetry
  18. Graffiti Writer: Cliff
  19. Level Up
  20. Apple rolled down the hill
  21. Mental blinders, people don’t look
  22. Real bad boys move in silence
  23. Don’t hate showoffs
  24. Ugly people bring the beauty to the world
  25. Dress smart
  26. Paul Mccartney
  27. Blue Note
  28. Street Photography
  29. Take your picture first then ask
  30. Put your tailgate up
  31. Are you a comedian
  32. Shanna Christmas
  33. Called racist
  34. Comedy Cellar
  35. Shop by circular
  36. Top Golf Driving Range
  37. Played Volleyball
  38. Fuck golf
  39. Dance in the club
  40. A pretty good judge of character
  41. Always on the Honey Hunt
  42. Nappy Gilmore
  43. Most important lesson? I haven’t learned it yet.
  44. People never appreciate feeling normal until we are sick or injured
  45. Bastardized the sport of golf
  46. Amy Schumer
  47. Quala the Weirdo
  48. Golf Obsession
  49. Golf Digest
  50. ESPN 30 for 30
  51. Bringing the Life out of the City

We would love to hear your thoughts on the episode. Leave a comment on the Apple Podcast app and don’t forget to rate the show.

This episode is sponsored by Gorilla Coffee.

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